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| Oct 1, 2019

Skin Rejuvenation on offer this October 2019

This month we build on the September Spring Special combining Glutathione IV & Opalesce capsules as an ideal Spring treatment to restore deep Skin Hydration & a perfect complexion… we are calling it the Spring Fling. Now, for October we add the Dermapen to the existing special & discuss the Skin Rejuvenation for the coming summer.

So, we’ve all settled into the warmer spring weather & the wardrobe is changing to the summer dresses & sandals that we all love. Life is good in October & it’s a downhill run to the holidays for most… but October is also a great time to take stock of your skin’s condition following winter, to begin your summer anti-ageing preparation & to revitalize a youthful vibrancy in your appearance.

Summer colours change & so should your anti-ageing regime at this time of year. That is why we are offering a Double Spring Fling Special for Skin Rejuvenation, Deep Hydration & a perfect complexion.

October 2019 Spring Fling Special Offer:

This October 2019 the team at SAI have highlighted the need for Skin Rejuvenation to create the perfect anti-ageing platform for the summer. Then, as the September Special was such a success, we have decided to continue the offer for deep hydration Skin Brightening IV treatments with Glutathione.

All special offers combine with the Opalesce Supplements to aid in perfecting an even complexion, skin lightening and cellular sun protection.

Opalesce Supplements:

1.Direct inhibition of melanin synthesis inside melanocyte

2.Inhibition of melanin synth by anti inflammatory activity

3.Reduction of oxidative stress

4.UV A and UV B absorption from sun exposure tanning

5.Huge increase in Glutathione levels…the most potent anti-oxidant in the body

The Special Offers

Skin Brightening Glutathione IV & Opalesce

  • Buy a package of 8 Glutathione IV drips and 90 Opalesce capsules for R11750
    SAVE: R2290

A series of 8 treatments of Skin Brightening Glutathione treatments will deliver deep Skin Hydration for a more youthful appearance, furthermore it will improve cellular function throughout the body to provide the necessary tools to maximise healthy living.

The key is the powerful mixture of anti-oxidants to build intercellular communication, which in turn optimises healthy cell life.

As a bonus Glutathione is also proven to inhibit melanin production to help brighten, lighten and create an even skin’ tone. Combined with daily supplements of Opalesce & you will be well on your way to the youthful skin appearance of your dreams.

Dermapen & Opalesce

We have two special offers combining Dermapen & Opalesce supplements:

  1. Buy a package of 3 Dermapen treatments and 90 Opalesce capsules for R6220
    SAVE: R1730
  2. Buy a package of 6 Dermapen treatments and 90 Opalesce capsules for R11 450
    SAVE: R2650

Select between a three & six treatment package of Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation procedures depending on your skin’s condition, and you will not only see the difference but be able to feel it too.

  • By kick-starting the Healing Cascade during the Dermapen sessions you reinvigorate collagen production in the skin. This collagen is responsible for youthful, plump and vibrant skin we see in younger skin. Dermapen treatments literally turn back the clock on your visible age.
  • As an added extra the team at SAI will include a Vitamin Cocktail to your Dermapen treatment to help boost skin health on a cellular level and help maintain healthy collage into the future.
  • Combined with Opalesce supplements & your skin will appear more youthful, with an even, lighter and brighter complexion.

These specials are only valid if you book & pay within the month of October 2019.

Call us on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178 today before the diary fills up. Space is limited so book your Skin Spring Fling Special today. Alternatively, speak to any of our Professional Skin Therapists about selecting the correct treatment package for you. Click here to view our Contact Us webpage.


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