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| June 1, 2015

Natural and Shapely is the order of the day

lipsLips have made the headlines again. Kylie Jenna has sparked a wave of interest in lip augmentation but not all of it is oversized and pouting… in fact, the majority of lip patients at SAI and in the globe opt simply for natural and shapely lips.

Lip augmentation was first thought to only include collagen-injected lips to increase the oversized pout. Unfortunately high-risk complications and a look beyond the fancy of most women gave lip augmentation a bad reputation. Over time, however, the techniques and products have been refined to offer a full range of treatment options to help maintain beautiful lips, or correct minor elements for that perfect symmetry.

Many patients arrive at SAI hesitant to undergo lip augmentation as they believe the result would be similar to the Kylie Jenna viral videos – but there are several minor treatments available that both subtly and effectively reduce the visible age without anyone being the wiser.

Here is the overview of what areas Dr Marks and Dr Clark at SAI treat using the Restylane family of Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler products.

Laugh lines

– these are sometimes called the nasolabial folds and are the lines formed between the corners of your mouth and your nose. These laugh lines begin to appear in your thirties and deepen over time and they are essentially caused by a continued crease created each time you smile.

Total removal of this line would create a plastic appearance but we do want to soften it. This makes for a subtle anti-ageing result that people will not quite place but rather comment on how youthful and refreshed you are looking.

Marionette lines

– These lines are the lines that are created downward from the corner of the mouth to the jawline. In worst-case scenarios we call these your jowls. The sag in the marionette lines are created by a minor loss of volume in the area combined with a sag in the facial ligaments. Correcting the problem requires a minor filling with dermal fillers into the area and depending on severity perhaps some Botulinum toxin too.

The result of correction to the marionette lines re-establishes a youthful shape to the jawline and recreates symmetry to the mouth including the lower lip and the corner of the lip.

Marionette lines indicate age even without any other visible wrinkles and correction of them will result in years being removed from your visible age.

Lip lines (vermillion border)

– as we age we lose lip line definition. This is a slow degradation that creates the appearance of thin, dull lips and offers a visible reference to your age. By enhancing the lip line or vermillion border we can recreate a defined edge to the mouth. Being that not much product is used and the definition creates a youthful appearance most patients are highly satisfied with the natural results that this treatment offers.

The mouth is a focal point on the face and this lip line treatment offers possibly the most effective and subtle way to remove visible age from your lower face without anyone having any suspicions.

Lipstick lines

– in days gone by we would call these lines smokers’ lines. They are created by continued wrinkling from puckering up for a kiss, or regular inhaling of a cigarette. Lipstick lines tend to lie parallel in close proximity to each other for the entire length of the upper lip and used to be notoriously difficult to treat.

Today there are multiple dermal filler treatment options that can reduce the visibility of these lines and remove the haggard and unhealthy visual connotations we associate with them.

The effect of the removal of smokers’ lines is normally quite drastic for your visible age, and many people do notice immediately when they are gone. This however, should not be a concern as lipstick line removal creates a very natural result without any plastic or fake appearance.

Corners of the mouth

– the most troubling aspect of ageing or wrinkling in the corners of the mouth is that these lines tend to pull the lip corner downward creating a grumpy or upset face at rest. We often associate this appearance with negative emotions and of course the aged.


The joy is that treating the corners of the mouth is relatively simple with dermal fillers, and even more enhanced with correct doses of Botulinum toxin.

We simply want to recreate the natural mouth shape, essentially providing a more defined lip edge beneath the pupil of the eye that we associate with youthful symmetry. You will be amazed how this minor treatment will take years from your visible age.



Should you have any concerns about the shape volume or appearance of you lips, you’re your appointment at SAI today. There are so many treatment options available that meeting your personal requirements will be as easy as 1,2, 3. Call SAI today: 011 883 3116 (Sandton) or 012 460 7047 (Waterkloof) to find out the exact details and how to book your next treatment.

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