Special Offer Tandem Deals for August 2020

| Jul 23, 2020

The countdown to spring has begun. This is your last chance to capitalize on the cool weather recovery benefits & combine them with the school holiday downtime – to return in the spring with rejuvenated and glowing skin.

This August 2020 we offer our loyal Clients a fantastic Double Deal. Each and every Client at SAI would benefit from either or both of these treatments as we enter a new season. Here’s why…

Prepare your Skin for Summer: Dermapen & 3D Mask

Dermapen is the gold standard treatment for microneedling and helps the skin rejuvenate, reversing the visible signs of ageing. The incentive for Dermapen in preparation for summer – is that the treatment area is flooded with new collagen providing the skin with an ongoing youthful appearance.

The Special:

Combination Dermapen & 3D Mask at 15% reduction.

This is a combination package is more than a Skin Rejuvenation package. The latest innovation in Dermapen helps target specific skin indications including:

  • Acne
  • Cellulite
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring and more…

With this Special Offer you can target areas of concern with the added benefit of a skin prepared for the African summer sun. Add the hydrating 3D Mask, for additional hydration to enhance recovery, and the treatment is complete. For Face and Body treatments, click here.

Reverse the dry skin winter damage: IV Skin Brightening

The skin takes the brunt of the cold Highveld winter. The cold dry air and hot showers hasten skin dehydration & this leads to premature skin ageing. The key to avoiding wrinkle formation, rosacea & irritated skin is to ensure that your skin cells are functioning optimally, and this means maintaining moisture.

The Special:

IV Skin Brightening at 10% reduction.

IV Skin Brightening is the ideal treatment to rehydrate the skin following a dry Highveld winter. Infusing the skin with a vitamin cocktail will not only plump the skin cells & improve cellular function but also:

  • Even your skin complexion
  • Reduce the visibility of pigmentation spots
  • Create an even & glowing skin tone.

August is an ideal time to start a series of treatments of IV Skin Brightening for a glowing, bright complexion. To see the SAI recommended list of treatments that are suitable for the season’s change – click here.

The Bonus

Both these August Specials can be performed in tandem. Treatments are quick, & easy plus there is no risk when combining the special offers to maximise the result.

Please speak to your SAI Therapist regarding any questions you have or call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178 to book your appointment. These specials are only available for the month of August 2020. Don’t miss out; you can click here for our Contact Details.


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