Social Media Shake-up

| Apr 29, 2014

More blogs, more questions answered

For many of you who are already following SAI on Facebook and Twitter we have some great news. Things are changing. We are listening and we want to satisfy all your needs. For those who are not with us online just yet, join us now.

What you’ll get by connecting with SAI online

Our SAI social media platforms provide insight into the daily working of our practice, the aesthetic international trends and they are a resources to answer all your questions about the anti-ageing art form. This translates to:

  • More blogs
  • More posts
  • Varied topics
  • Questions answered in detail
  • Access to latest trends

Challenge us, ask a question or leave a comment. Tell us what you want on our pages. We would love to hear from you, stimulate conversation and become an online resources for our patients.

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