Skin-Tech Peels: A sophisticated approach delivering results

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Four revolutionary new peeling options raise the bar in skin resurfacing

As discussed in the December 2011 blog Skin Tech combines latest technology in Chemical Peels with a specific homecare range to suite your aesthetic need and indication.

The Skin Tech range of peels is broken down into four specific categories to achieve your result. Like other peels the Skin Tech protocol is based upon a gradual increase in peel strength and depth but combines it with Protective Daily Care, Active Daily Care and Special Daily Care as homecare ranges to enhance your result.

The four Peel are:

  • Easy Phytic – for superficial peels
  • Easy TCA – for superficial to medium peels
  • UniDeep – for medium depth peels
  • Local Peels Special Products – for previously untreatable areas such as Lips and Eyelids

The range allows treatment of the entire face, neck, hands or décolletage with specific depth accuracy for accurate results.  The team at SAI can now peel from the skins intra-epidermal layer, through the basal layer and papillary dermis and including the superficial reticular and deep reticular dermis.

What does this mean for you?

This means that the team at SAI can accurately treat your aesthetic problem in the layer of the skin it occurs. This accuracy means we are not wasting product on areas of your skin that do not need to be treated, and of course it allows treatment of sensitive areas because we can more accurately control the depth of the peel.

Specific training is required to perform Skin-Tech Peels and prescribe the correct homecare range and Sandton Aesthetic Institute can boast to be one of the few with sufficient training to promote this new sophisticated approach to Chemical Peels and Anti-ageing.

Please visit with a member of the SAI team now to find out more or simply book a Skin-Tech appointment at reception.

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