Skin Serums – the lowdown

| March 31, 2017

What is all this fuss about Skin Serums?

“Serums, are they any different to my homecare regime?” Also, “should they replace my existing products?” So many questions & so few answers. Serums have caused some confusion within the homecare world & we at SAI thought to set the record straight with: A basic overview of serums, the differences between them & traditional homecare; and of course – how to make the most of their benefits to achieve your anti-ageing goals.

So what is the difference between a serum & a cream?

Read everything from here on as this: a serum is like a laser-guided missile

It is targeted, accurate & very specific, while a cream is more akin to a hand-grenade – incredibly useful & designed to cover as many bases as possible.

Serums are created to tackle specific areas of concern i.e. crows’ feet or puffy eyes. The ingredients are added at premium concentrations to focus cellular health to improve targeted areas; unlike creams that offer more general anti-ageing for the visible skin.

Although this description might be crude the differences don’t stop there…

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Creams are most often oil-based with the intention to cover the entire skin area to achieve a result. Serums are mostly water-based to allow for faster penetration into the skin to deliver active ingredients more quickly to smaller areas of treatment. They both have incredible benefits, oil-based homecare can deliver results throughout the day & offers impressive moisturising potential while serums absorb incredibly quickly & can carry high concentrations of active ingredients. Together they work wonders, it is just a matter of making sure you use them correctly.

Incorporate Serums into your Aesthetic Protocols

Serums vs. Creams are not an either/or choice.

Serums work best for those who already undergo a specific homecare regime & have an insight into their skin & skin needs. Then when you introduce a serum – it is to correct a very specific area lacking or causing personal concern. A serum should always be applied first. Being water-based it absorbs quickly and delivers accurately without any assistance. After the serum, continue your normal daily skincare-habits to provide all-day protection for your skin & build upon your ongoing aesthetic result.

Make an Appointment

We at SAI recommend that before undertaking a homecare regime or making any significant changes to an existing protocol – that our clients should either visit our therapists for a skincare consultation or alternatively complete our SAI Online Skin Assessment.

For any additional information or to book a consultation please call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116.

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