Skin Resolutions… the smart way

| January 10, 2022

Defining the Goal

Resolve: to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something):

Resolution: firmness of purpose or intent; determination.

The desire to look our best is natural and achieving this can complement our self-confidence and assist us as we move through the world. The effects of summer sun, stress, life challenges and environmental pollutants can all accelerate or further pronounce the effects of ageing on the skin. These changes can be addressed through a range of scientifically formulated aesthetic treatments which renew and rejuvenate.

If one of your goals this year is self-care, which is inclusive of aesthetics; here is a Treatment Plan approach that will allow for a successful follow-through.

Actionable Steps

Taking charge of one’s health and beauty requires not only resolve but also requires actionable steps in achieving defined goals. A plan of action is key to getting you successfully started, providing a framework, and serving as a strategy to guide you and your care team in reaching target goals. Your unique needs, anatomical characteristics, and aesthetic values will inform individualized treatment choices.

Scheduled Skin Savers & Beauty Treatments

Charge your imagination with this overview from SAI to create a sense of what’s possible. Don’t be intimidated with this broad overview, rather look for what resonates and matches with your resolutions; then contact us today for a custom plan that pairs perfectly with your priorities and budget realities.

Year-Round Overview

Superficial Chemical Peels: Stimulate cellular turnover and get rid of dull dead surface skin cells with monthly visits. These gentle yet highly effective treatments are an ideal way to maintain skin health, skin brightness and an even complexion. They are affordable, do not require a hefty time investment (during or after) and offer an extensive list of anti-ageing advantages. Plus, they combine beautifully with other treatments.

IV Skin Brightening: Give your whole body a mega dose of love and nurturing with an IV treatment. These deliver vitamins and nutrients directly where it counts most. By scheduling these, one can ensure cellular function continues in top form to protect against ageing and provides deep hydration all year long. Optimal moisture levels can significantly prevent premature skin ageing.

A Closer Look

Q1 – Jan – March

Begin with defining your Skin Goals for the year and get ahead of the game with some early steps to achieve them.

Invest In: Dermal Fillers & Skin Boosters: build a hydration base in the skin to ward off ill-effects of the summer sun and boost a complete recovery from the holiday indulgences. With care and attention to lifestyle choices and stress management, this treatment should only need to be revisited in a year’s time!

Q2 – April – June

Autumn months are the best time to prepare the skin matrix for winter. If you are undergoing superficial peels and IV Skin Brightening then you are on the correct course.

Invest In:  The addition of HA Dermal Fillers to correct deep lines that are cause for concern – bearing in mind that your improved skin hydration will minimise fine lines. The most popular treatment areas for HA at this time of year are lip lines, nasolabial, frown lines, and tear troughs.

Toward the end of the quarter PRP Therapy is capable of significant restoration through the utilization of your own plasma. This all-natural treatment is highly corrective powerful rejuvenation tool. Best to take a day or two following, therefore scheduling it before a weekend or during school holidays holds broad appeal. Anti-ageing benefits will last into December and beyond.

Q3 – July – September

Winter is the time to get into the deeper dermis. Winter climate conditions equal a minimised risk of developing post-treatment pigmentation. This is the season offering the best opportunity for impactful skin resurfacing.

Invest In: Deep Chemical peels are aimed at removing deep lying pigmentation blemishes and delivering clear and fresh dermal cells to the surface. Think of this treatment as relaying the road network rather than merely correcting a pothole.

This is also the season to start with Laser Hair Removal. To accomplish excellent results, multiple sessions are required – as not all of the hair follicles are within the same stage of the Hair Growth Cycle For the joy of a big reveal in the Spring and summer, it is wise to begin in the winter.

Q4 October – December

VelaShape becomes a treatment of choice in Q4 as it is time to get summer-ready with a body shape that matches excellent skin. Early summer months are also the time to prepare for the holidays and summer events.

Invest In: Consider the inclusion of MesoGlow facials and Microdermabrasion (for specific trouble spots) to ensure that you are looking great for event photos and evenings out.

This is also the time to speak with Dr Clark and revisit your HA Dermal Filler plan.

Personal Treatment Plan Protocols

While the above examples are not universal, we hope that they have planted the seeds of possibility. Through a scheduled approach capable of targeted your specific needs one can achieve goals.

Let Dr Clark and SAI help design a personal treatment plan to provide results within the budget set forth.

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