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| February 28, 2017

A comprehensive skin rejuvenation guide

Skin Rejuvenation is a 2017 key phrase in aesthetic medicine. At SAI we have been following skin rejuvenation protocols for a number of years, as a method to ensure ongoing anti-ageing results & extremely satisfied clients.

In more recent times, however, we have been receiving an influx of questions & comments with regards to skin rejuvenation; the treatments, the how’s and also why it is so important. So here is your guide to skin rejuvenation:

Let’s being with The Why. Why is skin rejuvenation so important? To keep the answer as simple as possible we explain your skin in terms of an artistic canvass. As you age the canvass of skin begins to become damaged. We can still create art on an imperfect canvas and in many cases those with untrained eyes will not notice the imperfections. But imagine we could rejuvenate the canvass before beginning the creative process. We could ensure the canvas is draped with tension over the frame, and in some cases we even correct the frame itself.

The same is true for anti-ageing aesthetic treatments. If we correct skin canvass elements like skin thickness, skin firmness & skin laxity then we have a near perfect canvass to target more specific aesthetic areas of concern like deep wrinkles, facial symmetry & volume loss.

The Treatment Options

Treatment options vary. Due to the nature of skin & how different individuals care for their skin differently – skin rejuvenation treatments do take on many forms, from minimally invasive to aggressive treatments requiring some social downtime. This top to bottom overview will cover the basic treatments & describe who would benefit the most from them. These are not exhaustive lists but should be used as indications toward your treatment choices:

Minor skin rejuvenation treatments

  1. Light Chemical Peels – these are the ideal ongoing skin maintenance treatments. Light peels require zero downtime but will require that you pay attention to your sun exposure post-treatment.The benefit of ongoing light chemical peels is that clients maintain skin cell turnover & proactively stimulate healthy skin with an even complexion.This is an ideal treatment for those who have maintained their skin for a number of years & follow a stringent homecare regime including moisturising twice daily.
  1. IV Skin Brightening – a perfect skin rejuvenation protocol to maintain a glowing complexion. The formulated SAI vitamin cocktail will help maintain healthy skin on a cellular level but the most important function is the hydrating effect. Every SAI client would benefit from undergoing IV Skin Brightening treatments – best results are found when your skin is thick & healthy after undergoing a more traditional skin rejuvenation treatment.

If this best describes you then you should have a look at our Skin Rejuvenation treatments specials for March 2017.

Mid-range Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

  1. Non-ablative fractional laser – simply put this is laser-induced skin rejuvenation that stimulates the healing cascade to improve skin results. This approach targets deeper layers in the skin but leaves the majority of skin cells intact. This means that surrounding tissue is used to flood the treatment area with collagen & elastin, which results in a plumper & rejuvenated skin.The added joy of non-ablative fractional laser is that treatment results continue to improve for up to 6-months. For clients wishing to make an immediate impact, or for those who have let their skin maintenance slip, this is a perfect treatment protocols to reverse the visible signs of ageing & perk up your aesthetics.

For the month of March 2017 and as part of our Prepare for Winter promotion we are offering special offers for non-ablative fractional skin rejuvenation treatments.

  1. Dermapen & Vampire Facials – As with non-ablative fractional laser above, this skin rejuvenation technique utilises the healing cascade to stimulate collagen & elastin synthesis. There are a few marked differences however.

Both of these treatments will require some social downtime due to the needle technique employed but the injection of either vitamins or your own plasma, as with the Vampire Facial, we know your skin will be getting all the nutrients it needs for renewed anti-aging healing.

Needling & Vampire Facials are in-depth skin rejuvenation techniques that target nutrient lacking skin cells. By giving these cells the fuel they need, clients will gain visibly younger skin comparable to that of a person 7-8 years their junior. This is a perfect solution for those wishing to stem visible age & create a skin canvass of healthy skin.

SAI TIP: Speak to our therapists & let them select a post-treatment recovery cream for you. They are inexpensive & absolutely help the final result. Alternatively your can complete the online skin assessment or simply purchase your recovery creams online.

  1. Teosyal RHA1 – the original technique for skin rejuvenation Teosyal RHA1 treatments target dehydrated skin & does so very effectively. The technique involves multiple micro droplets of hyaluronic acid delivered into the deep dermis. As most skin ageing issues are caused by dehydration, we at SAI know that, we can reverse visible age with this treatment alone.A hydrated skin is plump, luscious & elastic, what more do you need as a canvass?

We recommend all our SAI clients to undergo a Teosyal RHA1 treatment each year, and as it is such a superb skin hydrator – the autumn months are the perfect time to do it, simply to ensure skin health & hydration through the winter.

Aggressive Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

  1. Pearl Ablative Laser – the ultimate in deep skin rejuvenation for those who want to kick-start the anti-ageing process with definitive results. Being a deep ablative procedure there will be some social downtime (in most cases three or four days) but the results are well worth it.

Deep ablative skin rejuvenation treatments are on special offer this March 2017 because the autumn months offer the best conditions to heal post-laser.

The laser penetrates deep into the dermis & activates skin cellular turnover to hasten the eradication of blemished surface skin. Ultimately you will not only benefit from a rejuvenated skin but also from accurate targeting of fine lines & wrinkles, plus an improvement in skin tension & lift. The culmination of this treatments effects are similar to that of facelift surgery.

It is of massive importance to follow the post-laser recovery protocol. This will include post-treatment creams that you can purchase online with free delivery, and also a social downtime avoiding sun exposure.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Skin Rejuvenation options but it does show the importance that skin health plays in going forward with your anti-aging ambitions. The choice of procedure will be largely based on your current skin condition & your aesthetic goals. It is possibly one of the most important decisions you can make, and will influence the additional treatments you require.

If you wish to begin the treatment protocol in preparation for winter then make sure to book your appointment with SAI today, don’t forget to explore our Specials section either.

Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 to book your appointment or simply to talk through your skin assessment for anti-aging plans.

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