Skin Rejuvenation 2022

| February 2, 2022

Our skin can take strain from our personal choices and from things outside of our control. We are all human, and we are perfectly imperfect. That being said, it is valuable to feel comfortable within one’s own skin. If your skin is looking a bit tired or isn’t where you want it to be, take action! Give your skin a little love and appreciation this year with a Refresh, here’s how:

Skin Revival

Reviving tired dull skin is possible through proven rejuvenation techniques. In order to achieve results several avenues of approach may be taken. Skin types and condition will inform treatment choice. Despite different mechanisms of action being employed in each, the end results are similar; rejuvenated skin!

Effectively refreshing a lacklustre dermis involves:

  • Aiding cellular turnover by removing old debris so fresh cells can rise to the surface
  • Boosting skin structures such as collagen and elastin
  • Promoting a healthy skin matrix and correct cellular function
  • Optimizing hydration
  • Delivering key dermal nutrients
  • Support through ongoing skin nourishment

Top Treatment Options

These are the top three Skin Rejuvenation treatments options at SAI. Each comes complete with its ideal application scenario and subsequent advantages and limitations. Let’s look at each, what they entail and the range of beautifying results they can offer.

Number One: Dermapen

A global standard for Skin Rejuvenation, Dermapen is advanced micro needling. Micro-injuries are utilized to evoke the Healing Cascade in a highly controlled method. Treatment objectives will inform everything from how much area is exposed to treatment, penetration depth, active ingredients and skin support recommended as Homecare. Benefits include deep delivery of vital nutrients alongside the ability to treat a wide variety of skin conditions and woes. Including acne breakouts, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles, and some types of scarring. Contact the SAI Team to find out more!

February Special: Free 3D mask with for each treatment when you invest in a package of 3 Dermapen treatments. A savings of R1680!

Number Two: PRP Therapy

This is a scientifically proven way to promote cellular growth. Used in orthopedic surgeries and sports medicine for years, PRP has gained substantial traction in the world of Aesthetic Medicine.

During Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy an individual’s own platelets are harvested, activated, and delivered to where they are needed most. They work to repair and create fresh new dermal surfacing through enhanced inner skin structure.

This all-natural procedure carries an exceedingly low (if any) risk of allergic reaction; making it a good go-to for those with super sensitive skin.

It efficaciously treats lifeless, blemished, marred, or marked skin surfaces and brings radiant, smooth, even-toned skin to surface. It is a great anti-ageing choice and can be employed as a prejuvenation treatment too! Learn more about the benefits of injecting your own plasma here.

Number Three: Mesoglow

This aesthetic procedure is powerfully packed two-step combination technique capable of delivering whole facial rejuvenation. It pairs needling with specifically selected active ingredient infusions to specialize in intense hydration along with dermal balancing.

The vitamin formula for you will be individualized for your skin type and needs for custom results! Dr Clark uses the state of the art, Filorga Meso-needling system. Treatment is painless.

Mesoglow is an excellent way to address sun damage, loss of skin tone and suppleness, as well as sagging skin or dehydrated skin. It is suitable for the face, neck, and décolletage.

Get more information on Mesoglow facials in this blog article here.

*Honourable Mention

Skin Boosters barely missed being included in our top three treatments. We decided that they are best put into the top category for world-rocking deep dermal hydration! If your skin is in great shape, just a bit dry from the summer heat, explore the awesome secret moisture weapons of Skin Boosters &/ IV Drip sessions.

Customized Approach for Results you Love

Dr Clark and the SAI team don’t believe in one size fits all approaches to beauty. Contact Us today to go through options, get questions answered, and develop a skin care strategy that will address your needs within your parameters.

Shop SAI Online & Specials

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February Special on Demapen: Save R1680! Enjoy a complementary 3D Mask after every treatment; when you invest in a triple Dermapen treatment package.

For any information or to book additional treatments please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2718 or the SAI Contact Us Page.


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