Skin Boosting to the midface

| October 24, 2013

A painless technique to refresh skin around the mouth and cheek

faceThere is a constant evolution in the world of aesthetic medicine and at the forefront of this evolution Dr Clark has developed a new technique to rejuvenate the mouth and cheek area. These two areas are synonymous with crêpey skin but also with being difficult to treat.

It goes without saying that treatment of this area would provide not only a natural result but also remove years from your visible age.

Why is this area so difficult to treat?

Crêpey skin is caused by many factors and in most areas is easy to treat. We know that dehydrated skin is the leading cause of wrinkles and crêpey skin and treatment protocols ideally reintroduce moisture.

Replacing moisture however in the cheek and around the mouth has three distinct problems:

  • Hydration
  • Anatomy
  • Pain


–  The need to reintroduce hydration into the skin eliminates all other treatment options and leaves us with Dermal Fillers. Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers injected in micro droplets (Restylane Vital) restore Hydrobalance in the skin to return the skin to a more youthful and fresh appearance. The problem being that dermal fillers are, in most instances, injected with a needle. This then brings both anatomy and pain into the treatment equation.


– There is more to treating the face than injecting a wrinkle. We need to understand the muscle, vessel and nerve matrix beneath the skin surface. The lips are extremely dynamic and maintaining a natural result through the treatment can offer leave less experienced practitioners struggling. Similarly the cheek area is riddles with vessels and nerves.

Further to this the different layers of the skin pose a problem. Injection technique therefore becomes of paramount importance to place Restylane Vital micro droplets in the correct layer to achieve maximum results.


– Finally due to location and anatomy, both the cheek and mouth area are sensitive areas. Comfort through any procedure is of paramount importance, but with traditional treatment methods multiple injections would result in an uncomfortable experience for the patient, especially based on anatomical considerations like vessels and nerve placement.

Solving the problem

Dr Clark has devised a technique whereby all problems areas are addressed to offer skin-boosting rehydration in both the cheek area and mouth. The technique involves injecting micro droplets of Restylane Vital using an ultra-thin micro-cannula.

The micro cannula holds the key in terms of pain, product and anatomy. Traditional methods of injecting Restylane Vital involve multiple injections. Using a micro cannula Dr Clark can treat each area with a single entry point on either side of the face maximising patient comfort. The micro cannula does minimal tissue damage and is accurate enough to place product in the exact anatomical skin layer required.

This new technique means:

  • A painless treatment
  • A skin boosting treatment a previously untreatable area
  • A younger, natural and refreshed skin

No more “cut lines” in the cheek when you are smiling, similarly you eliminate fine smokers lines around the mouth but most importantly your plump skin offers vibrancy and a natural freshness that cannot be achieved with another treatment or technique.

If you are interested in this new treatment visit Dr Clark at SAI today 011 883 3116

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