Skin Ageing Hierarchy of Needs

| Apr 25, 2018

Understanding healthy skin

Beautiful skin is the result of an integrated skincare regime.

When skin is properly cared for at every level, smooth, even-toned, glowing enviable skin is the result. Tempting though it may be to approach aesthetics with a quick-fix mentality, satisfaction will be significantly higher and longer-lasting if a multi-dimensional approach is applied.

This is why SAI’s practice is grounded in a holistic view to prevent and reverse visible aging and produce healthy skin from within.

Holistic Approach to Beauty

Beauty is skin deep… nope! Think again. Beauty is cell deep.

It begins deep within cellular function in the dermal layers & presents on the on the outermost layer. At each level the skin has distinct needs and will respond positively to treatment addressing and targeting those requirements.

Picture dermal needs as a pyramid with each layer building on the one beneath it with an image similar to the psychological concept of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Properly cared for skin can function optimally at every tier.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Reversal of visible aging
  • Strengthened internal structures
  • Stimulation of essential cellular process’s
  • Counter-acting natural and environmental factors that create aging.
  • Dull and damaged skin becoming rejuvenated and radiant.

Forward momentum and skin health progression is rooted in a firm grasp of the hierarchy of skin needs. When understood it appears almost simple and feels intuitive.

Here are the 5 building blocks for ultimate skin revitalization.

What skin needs from the bottom up

1st Tier or Base Layer

Internal cellular health and function is imperative for beautiful skin.

  • The importance of making healthy lifestyle choices cannot be underestimated. If you aren’t already, begin with basics such as varied diet full of wholesome nutritious foods and habits that cultivate well-being. This includes a growing consciousness regarding refined sugars and the glycemic load of our diet. Excess sugar is correlated with a host of physical ailments and diseases and is bad for skin too! Glycation impairs cell creation and function. The diminished capacity for repair can be seen on the dermis.
  • Protection is the second key held within this tier. UV rays do serious damage and the affect is cumulative. Even if shielding your skin hasn’t been a high priority, it should be starting today. This will halt further harm and stop future sun damage in its tracks! Greasy sunscreen is no longer your only option. Instead a full range of SPF products that suit all skin types are now available and formulated for daily use, under, alongside, or even in makeup. Visit the online shop for access to a range of sunblock options.
  • Supplementation also belongs in this foundational layer. Take advantage of the yields of science, including internal dietary supplements as well as topical products. Stabilized active ingredients stimulate, regenerate, and promote skin health. Browse our range of SAI cosmeceuticals and get advice from our experts in choosing products to address specific concerns or products that serve as excellent all-rounders.

2nd Tier

Clean and hydrated skin is attractive skin.

  • Hydration is your skin’s best friend. Aging, lifestyle choices & environmental factors will decrease dermal moisture. Moisture control can be supplemented with professional moisturizers that penetrate and deliver moisture where it is needed most. Alternately you can turn to Micro-droplet HA treatment or IV Drip packages that powerfully deliver moisture in a short time period.
  • Clean skin receives and holds moisture better. Harsh detergents do more harm than good; they strip essential skin oils and contain ingredients which can cause irritation and inflammation. They may simultaneously dehydrate skin, a serious no-no. Quality cosmeceutical grade cleansers remove makeup and accumulated sebum and dirt without harm. They can also be used in small quantities because ingredients are effective & offer more than simple cleansing. Invest in a cleanser that cleans without stealing water and see the difference for yourself.

3rd Tier

A clear exfoliated complexion shines with a healthy glow!

  • Dirt, debris, and environmental factors conspire to block pores and steal lustre. Proper exfoliation clears dirt and debris including keratinized cells that clog up the skin’s surface and slows new cells from appearing. This makes your skin dull, lifeless & chokes the cells of moisture, oxygen & active ingredients.
  • Target a flawless complexion by addressing hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scarring, and acne as a 3rd tier option.

Combine effective exfoliation by incorporating an exfoliation homecare product into your regime, and supplement that with a chemical peel package to enhance exfoliation & create a perfect complexion. Our SAI Copper Package is ideal for this tier & remember that in May 2018 it is on special offer.

4th Tier

Rejuvenation is the next vital step on the beautiful skin journey.

  • Rejuvenating treatments kick-start the skin’s natural healing cycle to elicit and enhance internal skin elements. They can increase Fibroblast activity, boost collagen production, and bring fresh rejuvenated skin to the surface for a natural result. Rejuvenation treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Fractional laser therapy (combining the best of ablative and non-ablative laser capabilities with an absolute minimum of downtime) and Dermapen packages. Begin incorporating these valuable tools into your best skin action plan. Speak to your SAI therapist as to when your skin is ready to capitalise on the rejuvenation tier.

5th and Final Tier

Prevention takes first prize… but you’ve got to work to get here.

  • Aesthetic medicine intervention works to prevent future visible aging before it arrives! With a firm foundation in place, the skin has all it needs to respond favourably to Aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic procedures such as botulin toxin, dermal fillers, and thread lifting lend their techniques to the solid base of good practices you’ve cultivated through the prior skin needs tiers.
  • This level is designed to lessen the impact of non-cellular visible ageing & reverse sagging, deep wrinkles & areas that concern you most. Remember these results will also last longer & appear more natural if the other skin needs are taken care of. The result… an extra anti-ageing edge that results in youthful radiant skin!

SAI: the clinic of choice

The team at SAI are committed to meeting you at every step along the way to reach your desired Aesthetic destination with caring, medical excellence, and professionalism.

From the basics to the most advanced Aesthetic treatments you can benefit from our expertise. Our team is qualified and experienced in creating individual treatment plans that ensure your skin worries disappear.

Make sure you:

  • Get to know where your skin is at now with an in-depth Visia Skin Analysis – enquire now by calling 011 883 3116 to book an assessment.
  • Contact us to assist to ensure you choose the right products or procedures for the results you want. Take our skin advice & build a healthy cellular foundation of anti-ageing.

Simply put, achieve your best look yet by nourishing your skin at every level. Call SAI today on 011 883 3116 or leave us a comment via our Facebook page.


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