Skin Ageing – an organ we need to protect

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Skin ageing is the reason beauty treatments exist! Let us teach you a little bit about what damages your skin and how to avoid further harm

Your skin is more to us than just a treatment canvas. It is in fact a protective barrier. Your skin too is a tool used by the body to feel pain, regulate temperature, excrete waste, and it function as a pain receptor. Your skin is an organ not unlike your heart or liver, and needs to be treated as such.

When you look at it like that it is no wonder our skin takes a beating based upon our lifestyle, diet and of course age.

Visual cues of age

Of course SAI becomes a destination when visible signs of ageing begin to appear and we correct facial wrinkles and lines, and generally improve the quality of your skin. There are of course ways to slow the skin ageing i.e. stay out of the sun, don’t smoke or drink excessively and avoid fatty foods. It is also important to note that overweight people tend to have higher blood sugar levels and this too can hasten deterioration of the visible skin – causing social awareness of ageing.

This educational piece should allow you and SAI to combine Aesthetic treatments to reverse signs of ageing but also allow any individual to slow skin ageing by following simple guidelines.

Factors of skin ageing you cannot control

It is unfortunate that there are skin ageing elements that you cannot control, but the team at SAI are experts in reversing these visible signs. They include:


Your skin cells divide faster than any other cell in the body. Your genetics however play a role in how accurately they multiply and for how long each cell can continue to divide. This is ageing. Your DNA will dictate how quickly and accurately your skin cells divide and therefore how quickly your skin will age.


We are trying more and more to develop anti-ageing strategies involving hormone replacement and control. As you age your sex hormone and growth hormone levels drop. These levels have a massive effect on the ageing of your skin.

You can imagine how hormone levels in puberty increase the risk of acne? Well, the lack of these same hormones hastens the deterioration of the skin.

Apart from hormone therapy however the team at SAI will easily combat the skin ageing processes associated with hormone deficiency in the skin.


Glycation is the process by which the body treats over exposure to glucose. The process is viewed best with premature ageing in diabetics but similar effects can be seen with natural ageing. In essence glycation means your body and its natural proteins are being inhibited by excess glucose and the attempt to rid the body of the problem.

In the skin collagen and elastin are most susceptible to glycation. This means the two elements for a plump, healthy and elastic skin are being weighed down and attacked by your excessive glucose rich diet – lack of these elements will hasten visible ageing.

Factors of skin ageing you can control

Knowing that we can treat visible signs of skin ageing using various aesthetic treatments including Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion should give you comfort. Here is what you can control to further enhance your anti-ageing regime.

UV Radiation

Excessive sun exposure will cause UV damage that leads to cancer. Couple that with the immediate effect of UV exposure, being premature ageing, inflammation, and wrinkles and you have a definitive reason to avoid the sun.

Of course the sun and UV exposure is unavoidable but a good sunblock will assist in reducing the harmful effects from over exposure.

Continued over exposure to UV rays will damage cellular connective tissue in the skin. This in turn will alter cellular metabolism and directly influence collagen degradation. Collagen is essential to a healthy and elastic skin we associate with youth.


Tobacco is proven to damage the body in many ways, but in the skin tobacco trigger DNA degradation and hastens skin ageing. A smokers skin is usually dull, has more wrinkles and prone to dehydration. This is all because of the tobacco damage done at a molecular level.

Quitting smoking will have a dramatic impact and improvement on your skin.

Similarly alcohol promotes premature skin ageing by dilating vessels at the skin surface. In time these vessels will become damaged and give way to a redness associated with skin ageing. This redness can lead to further aesthetic complications including skin irritability and inflammation.

Stress Levels

Although this is somewhat harder to control, increased stress levels hasten genetic factors in the skin ageing process and stimulate cell degradation.  The state of stress of your body will shorten the lives of your skin cells and hasten the visibility of wrinkles and lines.


This article is more about healthy living than treatment options. So in terms of correction we recommend you visit the team at SAI for a full facial evaluation. Let us treat your skin needs and prescribe a proven homecare range to keep your skin in its most beautiful shape.

Without our intervention we advise to start living a healthy lifestyle. We are not dieticians but research suggests that a Mediterranean diet provides the skin with the most essential anti-oxidants and oils to prevent ageing and promote skin longevity.

With this diet change, stop smoking and drinking excessively and make it a point to wear sunblock each and every day.


It is something to consider that we as humans judge a person by the quality of their skin. Could this be that intrinsically we understand that our skin is an organ and an outward indication of our inner health? Following our healthy living guidelines and actively taking part in correcting your skin ageing concerns will have you living and looking like your dream age, not your visual age.

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