Single Treatment Skin Rejuvenation

| August 1, 2017

The impossible becomes possible…

Experimenting with visible age treatments is an ongoing focus for Dr Clark & his therapists at SAI. Pushing the boundaries has to be safe and proven before we would introduce any treatment to our loyal clients.

With sufficient data proving the safety & efficacy – we are excited to offer a new single treatment skin rejuvenation option!

A combination treatment

As stand-alone treatments DermaPen & Deep Chemical Peels are highly recommended to offer fantastic skin rejuvenation results. However, we found that some of our clients wished for more drastic results, without having to complete a series of treatments.

So Dr Clark now offers his clients the option of a single-session combination-treatment that safely & effectively delivers meaningful skin rejuvenation results.

This could be the new skin rejuvenation kick-start you’ve been waiting for:

  • DermaPen: By making multiple injections into the skin we effectively stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism called The Healing Cascade.The skin injury is minimal but sufficient enough to signal to the body to flood the area with collagen & healing enzymes to re-establish skin health.


    This is exactly the result we are looking for. The joy here is that the DermaPen allows us to not only increase the speed of the treatment but it is incredibly accurate for establishing exact depth per injection.


    This ensures that the entire skin surface is treated with the intensity & without risk of skin tearing as with rollers.


  • The Chemical Peel: Chemical Peel selection will be decided during the consultation process depending on your specific skin conditions & need.The controlled injections from DermaPen will allow for exact penetration of the chemical peel. This stimulates fast cellular turnover & aids in the sloughing of dead skin cells throughout the layers of skin.


    The result is healing from the inside out and a fantastic complexion.

Now you can start to imagine the skin rejuvenation results when you combine the two processes together.

The Hurdles:

To achieve single-treatment skin rejuvenation results we need to step away from a zero-downtime treatment. This does not mean days of being housebound but it does mean you may want to take a day or two for recovery. It does also mean that you will be required to follow strict sunblock guidelines until healing is complete & we highly recommend the use of a post-treatment recovery cream.

Oxygenetix Cover-Up Foundation is available in-store or online to help conceal the treatment but similarly our recommended NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream is superb for facilitating healing.

Body Shaping 20% special offer

We are running an introductory special on this combination treatment but also a Body Shaping 20% special offer too.

Make sure to read up on them and book your next appointment today. We want to ensure your skin is flawless this summer. Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 today.

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