Since Crystal Tomato Supplement Lightens and Evens Skin Tone, Will it Affect the Colour of My Hair or Eyes?

| June 13, 2016


The quick answer to this question is no, Crystal Tomato Supplement should not affect Hair or Eye Colour. To answer this question, which many people ask before purchasing Crystal Tomato, let’s look closer at how our genetics and biological systems create our eye and hair colour.


What Makes Our Eye Colour?

Ingesting Crystal Tomato should not affect eye colour at all, because eye colour is an inherited trait determined by a complicated set of up to 16 different genes. At birth, a baby’s eyes are often very light in colour. As development activates influential genes, Melanocytes (cells found in the human eye), begin to manufacture the protein pigment Melanin. This Melanin accumulates and is stored in the eye’s Iris which gives us the colour we see when looking in the mirror.

Genetics are a determining factor of how much Melanin is produced which gives us the spectrum of blue, hazel, amber, grey and brown eyes. At times, hormones released during adolescence or pregnancy may activate additional genes which can affect eye colour. These changes are usually slight and are fairly uncommon.  Unfortunately, reported drastic changes in eye colour in adulthood are often linked with macular degeneration and other types of more serious eye problems.


What makes Our Hair Colour?

Using the all-natural supplement Crystal Tomato should also not affect your hair colour. The genetics of how hair colour is determined are not yet completely understood but scientists suggest that at least two different gene pairs are involved. Our hair colour is created by our own unique individual ratios of the different types of Melanin present in our body. Not only does this ratio differ between individuals, but it can also vary on our own head.

Unlike our eyes, the overall look of our hair is determined by the distribution and size of the pigmentation granules of two different types of Melanin; Eumelanin and Pheomelanin.  Similar to eye colour, many children are born with lighter hair which darkens over time, following encoded genetic instructions. When an individual reaches adulthood and physical development stops, the accumulation of pigmentation also stops. At this point you have reached your natural adult hair colour. As we all know, our lustrous locks of youth aren’t destined to last forever. For the vast majority of us, at some point in our 30’s we will begin to see shining strands of silver. This greying is a result of the body losing its stored Melanin with age. If we are lucky to live long enough, our hair will completely whiten, which is what happens when it loses its entire supply of Melanin.

Hormonal changes in adolescence or during pregnancy, as well as stress and illness, are more likely to change hair texture and volume, than colour. Unless one is using dyes to influence hair colour, it isn’t likely to naturally shift in any direction except towards grey &/ white. Although, some people’s hair does go blonde by spending lots of time in sunshine.

As Crystal Tomato is an all natural health supplement consisting of specially cultivated white carotenoids, it does not activate genetic precursors. In research done in Singapore, Crystal Tomato was shown to increase only lightness of skin with no affect on hair or eyes. It does its exciting work by preventing future Melanin synthesis therefore minimizing abnormal skin pigmentation, scars, and other blemishes.

If you ever had any hesitation to try Crystal Tomato due to this question, rest assured you can purchase our product today and still enjoy the eye and hair colour you were born with. Crystal Tomato won’t affect neither the colour of your hair nor the colour of your eyes (even if you want it to).

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