Simultaneous Combo Treatments

| August 28, 2020

Restoring and rejuvenating the dermis for smooth even-toned skin, complete with a beautiful lustre, often requires effort. Age, stress, the environment, and a myriad of other factors conspire to steal the glow, make blemishes, and diminish the natural qualities that make skin firm and youthful.

Science on Our Side

Far from the limited options of the past – you can now choose from an array of treatments that have undergone clinical-trails. Research & Development has led to the situation where we can now customize treatments to accommodate multiple variables.

Not only can we now stave off visible ageing for the time being, we can also prevent it from occurring in the future. With modern medical aesthetics; science is truly on our side.

Correct Implementation

The ideal combination treatment is powerful enough to treat more than one dermal condition yet gentle enough to avoid extensive downtime. Targeted indications include fine lines, wrinkles, dullness in complexion, hyper-pigmentation, some types of scarring, visible veins, uneven skin tone, and more.

3 Treatments that go together like Spring and Flowers

  1. Dermapen & PRP Therapy

Dermapen treatment is appropriate for various surface level skin concerns. By undergoing Dermapen first and following it up with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy directly afterwards in a consecutive treatment – one amplifies the benefits of both! Dermapen stimulates the Healing Cascade over the entire treatment area while boosting collagen production in order to result in healthy skin matrix structures. Consequently, PRP simultaneously furnishes the perfect platform for increased nutrient absorption and the ultimate in thorough and deep penetration of the PRP solution applied next.

Skin Receives: Finely tuned vitamin solution and comprehensive nourishment which soaks into all dermal layers to nurture structure and aid cell function from within. PRP supports and promotes skin healing by itself – presenting a flawless, glowing complexion. If you would like to know more about these two treatments specifically, click here.

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  1. Dermapen & Chemical Peel

In this dual treatment, Dermapen acts as a preparatory treatment for the application of a gentle superficial Chemical Peel. The Dermapen works to activate the Healing Cascade evenly and the microneedling also creates channels for better Chemical Peel penetration. This is particularly helpful when addressing deep-lying sunspots and is an effective hyper-pigmentation treatment.

Skin Receives: Increased collagen induction and boosted Cellular Turnover in the deeper subcutaneous layers. The newly revealed skin is able to take full advantage of the Vitamin Cocktail to produce long lasting results and an enviably even complexion.

  1. Chemical Peel & Microdroplet HA

Exfoliate the skin extensively post-winter with a Chemical Peel and then deliver ultra-hydration via microdroplet HA treatment within the same session. A correctly selected Chemical Peel will resurface the skin for new, clean and clear layers to emerge. The strategic delivery of Hyaluronic Acid in microdroplets brings vital moisture throughout skin layers to bolster the Skin Barrier for a zero-downtime answer to eliminate tired winter weary skin.

Skin Receives: Boosted Cellular Turnover for an even-tone complexion. Optimized long-term skin hydration for a plump, smooth, radiant complexion.

To see SAI’s recommended skincare protocols according to season / event – please click here!

Together is Better

A combination treatment doubles the power of anti-ageing aesthetic science for your skin’s peak benefit. The fine-tuned targeting of skin issues packaged with the delivery of key nourishment – works wonders that are immediately visible! The treatments allow for a dermal reset which means results last longer and further.

Employ one of these dual-treatments or ask Dr Clark for a recommendation based on your skin indications and qualities.

Refined Beautiful Skin

It is time to shed dry, lifeless skin and bring to surface refined beautiful skin. Visit our Specials page for a detailed look at professional treatments and homecare on discount within the month of September 2020.

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