Shanghai China IMCAS Congress

| Oct 24, 2013

Dr Clark is honoured with a hero’s welcome

al2It would appear that Dr Clarks visit to China has not gone unnoticed.  As an international accredited Restylane trainer and IMCAS Faculty member Dr Clark was asked to present seven lectures and chair various sessions at the Shanghai China IMCAS Congress. It was also requested by Restylane that during his visit if Dr Clark would host various training workshops to introduce new products and techniques to aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons in China and he was given a hero’s welcome.

Both honoured and privileged Dr Clark was subject to camera’s, TV and interviews and of course all the ceremony that would fit a visiting dignitary. His task during his China visit was simple: Bring the local doctors up to international standard in treatment areas including:

  • Full face treatments
  • Product indication
  • Anatomy
  • Peri-orbital injection techniques
  • Micro-cannula technique

Dr Clark will be returning from China on the 28th October to share with you his experience and new techniques he may have learned from his colleagues.


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