Seven Solutions for your pigmentation problems

| Jun 2, 2017

The key to pigmentation success is treatment selection

At SAI we are proud to offer the most comprehensive array of pigmentation treatments we know of in South Africa.

If you have read the Understanding Pigmentation article you will have had a glimpse at just how complicated treating pigmentation can be. We need to identify the correct treatment method that will treat & eradicate your complexion issues by evaluating the exact pigmentation you have. Of course, half the battle is understanding how to treat each type of pigmentation, the other half of the battle is having the correct treatments available to make the necessary difference.

Here is a list of the pigmentation treatment options that we offer to ensure you achieve your pigmentation goals, irrespective of your skin type or pigmentation issue.

  • MAX G – OPL – OPL (Optimised Pulsed Light) is the advancement of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). OPL offers clients a smooth & long wavelength which means a more accurate & pain-free treatment but very importantly it means that Dr Clark at SAI can target areas of melanin extremely accurately. By heating the melanin within the skin we can destroy it & therefore reduce pigmentation visibility. MAX G OPL is a fantastic treatment choice for targeting sun spots, freckles & smaller areas of pigmentation concern.
  • DermaPen – this is a total facial treatment that works fantastically well for Melasma & has the added benefit of skin rejuvenation too. Using a highly controlled multi-needle approach; DermaPen increases collagen production in the skin & minimises the risk of further hyperpigmentation with accuracy by controlling depth & speed of the needles in the skin. By introducing pigmentation serums into the treatment protocol for surface-level hyperpigmentation, results are achieved!
  • DermaPen with Cyklokapron – as above; DermaPen makes for a fantastic large volume surface-level hyperpigmentation treatment. Then with the introduction of Cyklokapron, which is a well-researched agent, that prevents the breakdown of fibrin brightening is achieved. It is commonly used in medicine to reduce bleeding during surgery but the effect of brightening in the skin has been observed & since studied to prove that Cyklokapron when combined with DermaPen or other dermabrasion techniques will reduce the visibly of pigmentation & will have a marked difference on Melisma.
  • TCA Chemical Peels – this is a medium to strong chemical peel depending on concentration & you will need to work with a very experienced therapist to achieve the best skin-tone results & be sure to follow their post-treatment recovery protocols to the letter.

TCA Chemical Peels are very effective for treating sun spots & age spots, because they target medium to deep layers of the skin.

By using TCA Chemical Peels to treat pigmentation in your skin, you are effectively forcing deeper unblemished skin to the surface to reveal a sun spot free & rejuvenated skin.

Following a TCA Chemical Peel -we highly recommend our NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream as a recovery cream.

  • Retinol Chemical Peel – the new kid on the block the NeoStrata Retinol Pro System Peel is making waves for treatment of pigmentation with thanks to the introduction of retinol. Retinol is fantastic at penetrating deep into the skin but it does not damage the skin as would an aggressive peel. One does, however, need to avoid sun exposer post- Retinol Chemical Peel but that being the only warning it makes for a perfect chemical peel to tackle many pigmentation issues. By targeting different layers of skin & forcing your body to eradicate them we reveal a younger & pigmentation free skin beneath.
  • IV Skin Brightening with Glutathione – possibly the easiest of skin brightening options available today. Simply visit SAI & relax while we use an IV to introduce all the correct mineral & vitamins to your body to help fight pigmentation from the inside out.

The key additive here is Glutathione which is a proven anti-oxidant. IV Skin Brightening will help give you a brighter, lighter & more even skin-tone & we highly recommend it for many of our clients looking for a glowing complexion.

  • Fractional 1540 Laser – this brings a targeted laser approach to the skin resurfacing table. Using the latest Palomar technology Dr Clark at SAI can target both large & small areas of pigmentation & destroy the melanin for an impactful result. When targeting pigmentation using laser you are effectively eliminating pigment immediately. By using fractional laser, however, we are also stimulating the natural healing cascade to ensure a fast recovery. We use Fractional 1540 Laser to treat existing areas of pigmentation before moving on to preventative treatments.

There you have it, the most comprehensive treatment overview for pigmentation. The absolute key is to choose the right treatment to match your pigmentation, and to ensure that it is suitable for you skin type. By being skilled in all of these treatment options we are able to offer effective service to all of our clients.

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