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| June 13, 2016

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How do Scars Form?

Whenever the layer of skin underneath the epidermis known as the Dermis is injured, scars are formed as our bodies work to heal the wound. Large visible scars can make a person feel self-conscious, having to answer awkward questions regarding the scar(s), limit the styles of clothes they choose to wear and otherwise degrade their quality of self-image.

Crystal Tomato is an excellent non-surgical, non-invasive, non-toxic, all-natural approach to dealing with unwanted scars.


All About Scars

Types of Scars

Scars are as varied in appearance as the different experiences which give them to us. Some are pale and light in colour while others appear much darker then the surrounding skin. Trauma, acne, and past surgeries are all things which can cause noticeable scars. Two of the most commonly recognizable types of scars are.

Atrophic Scarring: Occurs when damage causes excess inflammation and or damage to the muscle and fat deeper within the skin.  It looks like: missing, depressed, pock-marked or sunken skin.

Hypertrophic or Keloid Scarring: Occurs when as the skin heals the body produces an excess amount of collagen.  It looks like: thicker skin of a different texture which is unevenly raised above the surrounding area.


Scarring from Acne

Individuals who have experienced severe acne, or Cystic Acne in particular, are often left with unwanted scars with Atrophic characteristics.  Crystal Tomato can safely help with these severe scars and carries no unwanted side effects.

Almost everyone has experienced some degree of negative skin distress from acne at some point in their lives. Even if you have experienced the skin changing effects of acne to a lesser degree, Crystal Tomato can still prove beneficial.


PIH-Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

While technically not defined as a type of scar PIH is a very common condition. It appears as flat round areas of discoloration which are leftover after the inflammation inherent to acne subsides. While the colour in PIH may lighten to some degree over time, Crystal Tomato and Crystal Clear Clarity Cream are product choices which will help speed up the disappearance of these spots without incurring any negative health risks that may be associated with chemical skin bleaching.


The Sun and Scars

Excessive exposure to sunlight does not aid in fading of scars. So fight the urge to tan your scar into oblivion because, in most cases, exactly the opposite will occur. Prolonged sun exposure can darken the appearance of your scar, as UV light can stimulate cells known as melanocytes which then produce even more pigment!

While you still need to carry on using regular sun block; Crystal Tomato does provide some protection against both UVA/B rays. Crystal Tomato will help existing pigmentation fade away, as the skin naturally sheds old layers and brings new skin to the surface; by inhibiting the formation of additional melanin and will make sure your current scars don’t get any darker.

To Summarize:

  • Your skin naturally sheds old layers, (which contains your existing melanin)
  • New skin is constantly rising to the surface, (which does not contain melanin due to Crystal Tomato)
  • This affectively reduces the visibility of scars, freckles & sunspots


Treating Scars

Professionals may recommend chemical peels, laser treatment, and even surgery as treatment. Crystal Tomato’s uniquely formulated skin supplement is the convenient way to minimize discolouration caused by scarring.

Avoid Hydroquinon and dangerous bleaching creams which may be carcinogenic, don’t worry about possible side-effects of steroid treatments and never mind budgeting for the cost of laser or injectables. Instead give Crystal Tomato an opportunity to help your scars fade, conveniently.

Crystal Tomato contains antioxidants that will help skin repair itself quickly, maintain cell DNA longevity, prevent premature ageing and help ensure that you don’t scar easily. Crystal Tomato, not only inhibits that formation of pigmentation (which makes scars even more noticeable) but also evens the skin’s complexion allowing for a youthful appearance, as sunspots are often associated with age.


Try Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream

Crystal Clear Clarity Cream can be applied directly onto scars. Clinical studies, using its all natural formula, have been shown to decrease pigmentation for all skin types. Continuous application will reduce the visibility and lead to the disappearance of any existing hyperpigmentation which includes that found in scarring.

If you have run out of patience waiting for your scars to just blend in, purchase Crystal Tomato 1x a day supplement or Crystal Clear Clarity Cream for a safe, natural approach to achieving even skin tone where your scars don’t take the spotlight and distract from you and your new beautiful skin!

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