SAI’s recommended Daily Routine & Homecare Skin Essentials

| April 30, 2020

The Importance of Habits

When it comes to your skin, it is easy to let its care be the first thing to go when routine is disrupted or life get stressful.

However, your Daily Skin Routine is important as small habits can have significance and provide true psychological payoffs. Scientific research points to numerous positive mental health benefits including reduced anxiety and even an increase in resiliency traits that accompany self-care daily routines.

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Skin Habit Rewards

The Skin itself benefits from regular dedicated care.

Consistency is key to achieving a blemish free glowing complexion. As our largest organ, it deserves our attention plus achieving great skin builds self-confidence. Good skincare habits are the foundation that will create healthy skin now and ensure beautiful skin for the future.

An added bonus is that; by taking care of your skin at home with the correct products and daily routine; your in-clinic treatment results will last longer and be easier to maintain!

A Word on Prejuvenation

Prejuvenation is the new and proactive way to conceptualize skin aesthetics pioneered by Millennials. Instead of waiting to correct skin concerns later down-the-road, it focuses on investing in skin now to avoid future problems.

Being proactive is cheaper and easier in the long-run when compared to the more traditional approach that focuses on reversing rather than preserving. Prejuvenation does require an investment in quality professional products (and often non-surgical procedures) but it offers continuing rewards for tens of years. It keeps deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and other visible ageing at bay.

The Right Routine for You!

An effective Daily Routine does not need to be over-complicated.

Thoughts regarding the correct skincare routine often conjure aisles of pharmacy products and a bewildering selection of items promising perfection…

The correct Daily Routine for your skin should be simple and importantly do-able! It ought to contain well-formulated skincare actives that aid the function of cellular processes, optimize moisture within dermal layers and deliver the ideal dermal nourishment.

Here is Dr Clark from Sandton Aesthetic Institute’s recommended Daily Routine and Homecare skin essentials.

Morning Routine – Clean & Hydrate

Greet your skin with a gentle cleanse then imbue it with moisture to meet the day.

  • SAI Glyco-Lactic Creamy Cleanser : An excellent choice for a wide-range of skin types and conditions. Provides an effective yet delicate exfoliation mechanism to improve tone and texture while maintaining proper skin pH levels. Remember rinse with warm, not hot water!
  • SAI Hydrating Day Cream : For use after every face cleaning, this product will assist in critical moisture to keep skin hydrated and smooth all day long. Application while face is lightly damp will assist moisture levels.
  • SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock : This gentle broad spectrum facial sunblock is safe for all skin types and will protect against the detrimental UVA/UVB rays that precipitate premature ageing. . Apply after moisturiser.

Daily Supplements – Sustain & Nourish

Integrate efficacious Supplements to create healthy skin from within.

  • SAI Pure Collagen Renew : Improve skin structures by maintaining and increasing levels of bio-available Collagen. Ingesting Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen stimulates the production of Type 2 Collagen; bestowing a full-range of health benefits including increased joint mobility and bone structure.
  • Opalasce Skin Lightening Capsules : Brighten and increase glow with this Supplement that helps prevent free radical skin damage. Combat daily environmental dermal detractors with natural extracts such as colourless carotenoids and L-Cysteine that carry super anti-oxidant properties.

Tip: Supplements are a particularly helpful way to give your skin extra support. If your lifestyle has experienced significant changes, extra indulgences or new stressors, Supplements can help buffer against any negative impact on aesthetic.

Evening Routine – Defend & Repair

A Skin Serum that repairs and firms while you rest.

  • SAI Clinical Antioxidant Serum : This skin serum is an intense skin defender that brings powerful antioxidants to the skin to help repair free radical damage caused by the environment and a regular part of biological ageing.

Why Professional Products?

SAI products are scientifically formulated to be balanced, potent and non-irritating.


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