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| Feb 28, 2018

Supplements are winning the war on visible age

How would you like to increase your daily intake of collagen, improve your visible age, skin elasticity & also your general health?

Latest supplement research has proven that incorporating a Collagen Supplement into your diet will achieve all this … and more.

Of course, it is not as easy as that & many collagen manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon with lower purity or poor versions of a daily collagen supplement.

At SAI we do not settle for anything less than gold standard & that is why we have sourced & produced our own collagen supplement called Pure Collagen Renew. Our goal in developing Pure Collagen Renew was to enhance beautiful health from a cellular level and for this we needed the most researched ingredients, and this means Peptan.

What is Peptan?

Peptan is the key ingredient to collagen powder supplements.

Containing 18 amino acids that forms the matrix of our natural tissues & body proteins – Peptan is essential to daily life. Within the 18 amino acids, three amino acids are of significant importance: Glycine, proline & hydroxyproline which make up about 50% of amino acid content.

With 20 times higher concentration of glycine & proline, Peptan ingredients included in Pure Collagen Renew deliver far more protein than can be found in other protein sources, and this directly influences collagen reserves in the body.

Pure Collagen Renew

This is true anti-ageing power and the key ingredients are what set it apart.

SAI Pure Collagen Renew

Key components include:

  1. Peptan Collagen Peptides: these type 1 collagen peptides are identical to natural collagen found in your bones & skin. They contain 97% protein & are highly bio-available – meaning that your body not only recognises them but easily absorbs & utilises them too.
  2. 100% Hydrolysed Collagen: this is incredibly important as this makes the peptide easily digestible. This means that our Pure Collagen Renew is not only non-allergic but can be incorporated into any food, drink or smoothie without affecting flavour, making it an incredibly easy supplement to incorporate into your day.

You skin is a visual indicator of your internal heath and Pure Collagen Renew not only treats skin ageing on a cellular level but scientific research into increased collagen intake highlights improved mobility, superior bone density & general health improvements… which all shows on the skin. This is natural anti-ageing at its best.

Who wouldn’t want:

  • Improved skin-tone
  • Skin thickening
  • Thicker & healthier hair & nails
  • Improved energy reserves
  • Muscle gain for improved muscle tone
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved cellular function including skin function for anti-ageing.

Taken as a daily supplement, simply mix Pure Collagen Renew powder into a glass of water, your cereal, oats or even your morning tea. Pure Collagen Renew is Halaal certified & contains fewer calories than eating a piece of fruit. We highly recommend pure Collagen Renew to all of our clients regardless of where they are in their treatment cycle. Everyone will benefit internally & to their visible age too.

The SAI Pure Collagen Renew is available in-store or online via our SAI Online Shop. For additional information feel free to call our offices on 011 883 3116 or chat with Dr Clark or you therapist during your next visit.

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