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| January 29, 2018

Formulated homecare for ultimate results

Last month we showcased our Eye Cream & Serums that extended our SAI homecare offering. This month we conclude the additions to the range by highlighting the Skin Resurfacing Lotion, Skin Calming Serum & Gentle Cleanser.

Last newsletter edition Dr Clark added a few expert tips to help get the most from certain homecare solutions… this was met with such success that we asked him to offer his advice again. Enjoy the SAI care & passion this month of love & always.

The full range of SAI homecare Products is now available online or in store.

Skin Resurfacing Lotion – 50ml

No homecare regime would be complete without an advanced exfoliation product. Key ingredients in the Skin Resurfacing Lotion include 10% Lactic Acid & 5% Glycolic Acid to safely perform this function. The Skin Resurfacing Lotion is suitable for all skin types & can be included in your morning or evening routine, although we do prefer evening use.

The Skin Resurfacing Lotion is more than just an exfoliator. Active ingredients that include Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil nourish & hydrate the skin. You will benefit from an improved & even complexion thanks to increased cellular turnover but also from a deeply hydrated & plump skin for a youthful appearance.

Dr Clark Tip: if you do choose to use the Skin Resurfacing Lotion in the morning, please remember that your skin may, in the first days of use, become more sensitive to the sun.

We recommend a daily sunblock to mitigate any sun-exposure’ risks.


Skin Calming Serum – 50ml

This is a feather in our cap product. We are extremely excited to offer the Skin Calming Serum to our clients as it does an incredible job at reducing inflammation & calming skin redness.

The Skin Calming Serum is designed to be used post-treatment as we know that restoring normal cellular functionally & reducing inflammation will promote healing & prolong aesthetic results.

The joy of our Skin Calming Serum is that numerous clients are using it daily to combat inflammation caused by daily stress, pollution & other environmental factors. This clever use of our Skin Calming Serum nullifies damage from everyday living by maintaining skin homeostasis & cellular function at optimum levels.

Dr Clark Tip: The Skin Calming Serum is ideal to treat injection sites, treatment areas post- laser or chemical peel; it can also benefit greatly those suffering with sunburn. Apply Skin Calming Serum directly after cleansing for ultimate skin penetration should you require these soothing effects.


Key ingredients of the Skin Calming Serum include actives to strengthen cellular walls & improve collagen lifespan. Vitamin E is included to ensure antioxidant benefits.

The Skin Calming Serum is suitable for all skin type for day or night-time use.

Gentle Cleanser – 120ml

Regardless of skin type you should always select a soothing cleanser suitable for all skin types or sensitive skin. Cleansing to remove make-up, dead skin cells & unblock pores will assist with penetration of actives from your homecare range as well as prevent breakouts & premature ageing too.

The Gentle Cleanser is formulated to maintain the stratum corneum (outer skin barrier). This protective layer is incredibly important when protecting the skin against environmental ageing.

The instruction for use is simple: lather Gentle Cleanser onto a moist skin in a circular motion, rinse with warm water & you will immediately feel your skin to be clean, refreshed & supple. Cleanse in the morning & again in the evening before bed.

Dr Clark Tip: remember that cleansing is an incredibly important step in your daily routine. Poor selection in cleansers will strip your skin of its protective layer & leave it vulnerable to dehydration, sun damage & oxidative damage. Correct cleansers, however, will aid in the absorption of your homecare products.


Please note: Dr Clark recommends to all SAI clients that for improved product efficiency at a more cost-effect price point to switch from the discontinued Restylane homecare range to the SAI homecare range. Please speak with a team member for like-for-like products. All the products mentioned here are free from animal testing & paraben free.

The full range of SAI homecare is available online & in the offices. You may purchase during your next visit and please don’t be shy to ask our SAI Team about any active ingredient information. For any other information please visit the new website or simply call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 to book your appointment.

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