Rise of Supplements within Aesthetic Medicine

| March 29, 2018

Multi-Dimensional Approach to Beauty

Anti-aging discoveries, technological developments, and the refinement of techniques continue to push forward the possibilities within the world of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dietary Supplements for youthful health are now gaining popularity & for good reasons too.

Dietary Supplements are no longer ‘fringe’ or experimental. They are now a researched and accepted avenue by which to target aesthetic goals. The modern day approach to beauty is personalized, holistic, and multi-dimensional. The increased use of Supplements with Aesthetic Medicine is due to their legitimate functions and proven results. This rise is especially welcomed by individuals looking to maintain procedure results for longer, facilitate healing – thus reducing downtime, and those keen to minimize encounters with needles.

Bio-chemistry Creates Stronger Supplements

The same sophisticated understanding of bio-chemistry allowing for Cosmeceuticals is being applied to creating Supplements.

The Supplements available currently are not vague, ‘one-a-day wonder’ pills, they are scientifically driven to target a range of specific aesthetic concerns.

Considerable study and research has gone into their formulation so that Active Ingredients are stabilized and blended with essential enzymes and vitamins to ensure bio-availability when ingested. Bio-availability translates into maximized absorption for true efficacy and results.

Benefits of Supplements:

  • Enhance health within.
  • Support anti-ageing ambitions without the need for injections.
  • Require NO downtime or time out of office.
  • Can be taken from anywhere, home or away.
  • Work in conjunction with Aesthetic Treatments and procedures.
  • Address niggling concerns.
  • Offer convenience.
  • Increasingly available in alternative forms for those adverse to pills.
  • Complete a Holistic ‘all-rounder’ approach to looking and feeling your best.

SAI Supplements

To ensure that you get what you pay for, use reputable established products from companies that you trust!

SAI stocks proven Supplements for our discerning clients in our online store.

We are excited to announce the addition of SAI Collagen Renew to our selection. This unique liquid collagen product produces firm rejuvenated skin along with a host of other positive affects inside and out!

Learn more! This article is dedicated to highlighting the uses and proven benefits of SAI Type II Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Other Popular Supplementation Products Include:

  • Crystal Tomato: The power of anti-oxidants and colorless carotenoids harnessed to provide healthy, bright, even-toned skin.
  • Heliocare: Protect from UV damage and eliminate signs of photo-ageing with this proprietary formula that includes Fernblock.
  • SAI Pure Collagen Renew: Stimulate Collagen production within – using this premium Type I Collagen with no additives.

Safe and Secure Online Shopping

Shopping Online with SAI is safe, secure, and simple.

Explore our online store, compare products, read reviews and order from wherever you connect from! Door-to-door delivery is quick and convenient!

Just Ask!

Not sure what is best for you? Curious if a certain product is better suited to your skin type? It is easy to ask our expert professionals any questions you have: simply contact SAI today.

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