Rise in popularity of Hand Rejuvenation

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Do your hands match your body, lifestyle and face?

There is a massive rise in requests for Hand Rejuvenation, not only at SAI but it is a worldwide phenomenon. More and more people are finding value in reversing signs of ageing or being self conscious about the condition or age of their hands thanks to Restylane Vital.

Why all the fuss?

As we age the skin on both your cleavage area and the back of your hands gets thinner and thinner. This skin thinning is prevalent across the entire body as we age but is most visible on delicate areas, and in South Africa the deterioration is accentuated by our sunny climate.

This means that your hands give away your true age, despite all your best efforts to keep your face youthful.

Thin skin leaves the veins and bones in your hand visible, it cannot hide sun spots or mask dehydration and most significantly, thinning skin on your hand is prone to wrinkling.

This is not a new treatment

Rejuvenation treatments of the hands have been available for many years already. Many options are available including:

Unfortunately not all treatment options reverse the visible signs of ageing, they simply hide them.  This is because to reverse the visible signs of ageing we need to combat not only what the skin looks like but also the thickness of the skin. The only lasting rejuvenating treatment is that of Restylane Vital.

What is Restylane Vital?

Restylane Vital is a stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) similar to the gel used in Dermal Fillers. HA is naturally occurring sugar in the body and has a primary function of binding water in the skin. As we age we lose our natural supplies of HA molecules and this lack of moisture leads to deterioration in the skin and therefore ageing.

What Restylane Vital does is replace HA molecules into the skin to create a moisture balance in the skin and the water binding ability of the product thickens the skin, creates elasticity in the skin and reverses visible signs of the ageing hand.

Of course Restylane Vital can be used, and is used successfully over the face, neck, décolletage and hands to improve skin quality and create a hydrobalance within the skin.

Painless Restylane Vital

In the past patients have been willing to treat the aesthetic aspect of the ageing hand using Chemical Peels and Laser options but shied away from Restylane Vital due to the needle. This is no longer a problem.

Dr Clark has pioneered an Anaesthetic Ring Block technique that is getting international attention. This nerve block will allow Dr Clark to work on rejuvenating the skin on your hands using a Micro-Cannula. The means no more multiple injections of Restylane Vital but instead four injection sites to treat the entire hand.  This Ring Block allows you full mobility of the hand and will wear off shortly after the procedure. The Micro-Cannula reduced the risk of bruising and swelling and makes for an altogether safe, quicker and more comfortable treatment option to rejuvenate your hands and hide your true age.

If you would like more information on Restylane Vital or the Ring Block technique, please make an appointment to see Dr Clark at SAI on 011 883 3116.

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