Restylane Sub Q with Lidocaine

| October 31, 2011 | Reply

Cheek Augmentation, Jaw line Definition and Chin enhancements are all now available with less pain and discomfort thanks to the introduction of Local Anaesthetic Lidocaine into the Volumising Restylane product Sub Q

Restylane Sub Q was introduced to the world in 2004 as a volumetric dermal filler. The product in a nutshell was designed to make use of the NASHA technology responsible for Restylane and Perlane, but to do so in a way to allow for the addition of volume to the face.

Sub Q allowed doctors to restore facial volume in the midface (cheek), correct facial asymmetry or enhance facial features by contouring the jaw line or chin.  Some well trained doctors like Dr Clark can even use Sub Q to reshape and form the eyebrows and temples.

The news that Sub Q is now available with Lidocaine means that patients can now undergo minimally invasive, immediate result facial augmentations with less pain and discomfort.

Sub Q has 0,3% Lidocaine and is available in 2ml syringes for large volume correction.

Clinical Trials document that both pain and discomfort are significantly reduced with addition of Lidocaine, but also that the result and longevity of the aesthetic result are unaffected.

Dr Clark will be the first Aesthetic GP in the country to have access to the new product. Make sure you book an appointment to make use of his skills and the new Sub Q with Lidocaine.

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