Restylane Lip Volume

| Jan 31, 2012 | Reply

Introducing the latest in tissue tailored technology, specifically for the lip.

When we place dermal fillers into the skin we need to ensure that the product does not migrate and disrupt the aesthetic outcome. This is done by matching tissue size with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) particle size. Restylane have now tissue tailored a product specifically for the lip.

Restylane are proud of their tissue tailoring concept and have introduced this new range to compliment patients looking to add subtle volume to their lips or add definition to the lip line.

Restylane Lip Volume is part of the Restylane Stable of NASHA products. This means they are FDA approved and clinically examined to ensure safest and proven results.

Restylane Lip Volume is not yet available in South Africa but rest assured that Dr Clark, being the Restylane trainer, will be the first to receive the product. If you are looking to add contour and volume to your lip then this is the treatment for you. Make an appointment!

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