Restylane Lip Refresh and Lip Volume are available at SAI

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The first South African practice to stock Restylane Lip Volume and Restylane Lip Refresh

Being the South African Restylane trainer and aesthetic doctor key opinion leader for Restylane South Africa Dr Alastair Clark was privy to the launch of both new products from Restylane before most others. The announcement was made here in the newsletter and on the blog but SAI can confirm that they have the first shipment of Restylane Lip Refresh and Restylane Lip Volume in stock at the practice.




Restylane Lip Refresh

In the past aesthetic doctors ran the risk of over pouting the lips when trying to establish a luscious glow in the lips. Techniques tried to combat the problem but using products that were not designed for such applications always caused problems. Restylane Lip refresh takes the risk out of the equation.

Restylane Lip Refresh is a unique product to the world of fillers and addresses a common request to enhance the natural glow of the lips while improving glow and structure too.

By combining the successful application of Restylane Vital and the micro droplet technique, Restylane Lip Refresh will create hydrobalance in the lips leaving you with fresh, luscious lips without altering their size or shape.

Restylane Lip Volume

Using patented technology and the Restylane tissue tailoring concept the team at Restylane have created Restylane Lip Volume to safely add volume to a unique element of the face – the lips.

Most other filler companies don’t address the unique tissue of the lip making Restylane Lip Volume a unique product. Patients who are looking to enhance the border of the lips or create volume now have a specific product to turn too.

The concept is that the product should mimic the particle size and shape of the tissue in the lip to remain in place for the duration of the result.

This in combination, of a proven safety track record and gold standard products make Restylane Lip Volume the perfect partner for lip contouring or adding subtle volume.

SAI are the first practice to offer both treatment options. If you are interested in discussing your aesthetic needs, please make an appointment to see Dr Clark. He is one of the countries most respected experts in aesthetic medicine and he will offer you superb advice as to your aesthetic desires.

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