Resolutions for Healthy Skin

| January 3, 2018

Beautiful skin is an achievable goal. Make 2018 the year where you enhance your elegance.

Here are the skincare fundamentals that form the basics of how to achieve a healthy & alluring skin complexion.

5 Skincare Tips to Put into Practice Today

  1. Receive a Professional Skin Assessment

Don’t guess when it comes to what your skin needs and suffers from.

Enlist expert professionals to scientifically analyze your skin so that you know exactly which treatments would be appropriate.

This is the first step to resolving long-standing skin issues, preventing future ones, and uncovering skin you love!

  1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday!

Say ‘Never Again’, to sunburned skin. No more excuses! If for some reason you don’t already wear sun protection daily, make the positive change & begin the healthy-habit! High quality sun care is absolutely vital. We really can’t emphasize this enough!

Sun Protection mitigates ( to a very large extent ) the accumulation and acceleration unwanted visible aging. Shop the best sun protection at SAI’s online shop.

There is protection for every skin type. Say ‘goodbye’ to sunblock-breakouts with professional products that protect and nourish simultaneously!

  1. Take Hydration Seriously!

Moisture is the not-so-secret secret to vibrant, glowing, smooth-textured skin. Ensure that you are drinking enough water in every season but go further than this. Invest in your skin by moisturizing it every single day.

Maintaining optimal skin hydration levels will arrest the breakdown of elements in your skin and fight against the unwanted aging that accompanies dehydration.

To achieve the best results; choose a moisturizer based on your skin type and alternate moisturizers based on the season. Shop SAI’s professional range here [ Day Moisturizers ] [ Night Moisturizers ]. Don’t forget that you are more than welcome to seek guidance regarding product-selection from our skincare professionals.

  1. Choose Appropriate Aesthetic Treatments

A healthy, vibrant, glowing complexion is sought after, the world over. The Aesthetic Sciences have developed techniques, treatments and procedures to target specific skin conditions. Two examples of treatment that facilitate desirable complexions are:

These can assist in maintaining your complexion, limit unwanted pigmentation, and provide a healthy glow – all without incurring any downtime. They provide the best results when performed once a month throughout the year.

These can target and eliminate acne scars, reduce pore size, and help create & maintain a smooth texture.

  1. Schedule TLC Time with our Seasonal Specials

The Sandton Aesthetic Institute is staffed with expert medical professionals who have outstanding reputations. Benefit from our years of experience in the aesthetic arena. Let our knowledge of seasonal skin ailments benefit your skin health & budget timeously – as we offer appropriate treatment specials. If you have a ‘worry’-area or concern and want to use your Aesthetic-budget wisely, sign-up to our Newsletter so that our monthly specials ( & subscriber bonuses) are delivered directly to you.

*We won’t give anyone your information and will only send 1x monthly Aesthetic Newsletter detailing new treatment protocols, specials, and the like.


Don’t waste another day waiting for skin you love. Act now to achieve it 2018. Get the look.


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