Removing Freckles for a Clear Complexion

| Oct 3, 2016

A freckle is a small area of skin that is a darker shade than the skin surrounding it. They appear in a seemingly haphazard pattern on the skin in varying levels of concentration. They are most commonly found on the hands, face and neck. Freckles are not the same as Moles.

Sunlight Exposure, Skin-Tone & Genetics; the factors in Freckle formation

UVA and UVB rays found in sunlight are responsible for setting off the chain of events which culminates in freckles. Exposure to the sun triggers pigment producing cells called melanocytes to produce Melanin. The increase in Melanin is a defensive action taken to block harmful rays and prevent internal damage.

For some individuals the darker pigment is spread quite evenly across the skin while others are more prone to developing pigment unevenly resulting in freckles.  Research has shown that freckle formation is also linked to both a genetic predisposition as well as the genetic shade of skin one has inherited. Therefore, those with pale skin are often more susceptible to visible melanin production in the form of freckles.

Freckles may lead to an increased chance of Skin Cancer

Some research on freckles suggests that their presence may indicate a higher risk for developing Melanoma, a common type of skin cancer. For this reason it is wise to pay attention to the attributes of your freckles and get professional advice should any changes in size, shape, or texture occur. 


Reducing Existing Freckles

Unwanted freckles can be a bane. Crystal Clear Clarity Cream has been developed specifically for the management and treatment of areas of hyper-pigmentation. It is appropriate and suitable to be used to diminish existing freckles.

Clarity Cream is 100% non-toxic, contains no harsh ingredients and is safe to use with no negative side effects. To lighten and eliminate existing freckles apply Clarity Cream daily directly onto the targeted area of bare skin and massage if necessary to ensure complete absorption.

If you prefer a non-cream option, our daily supplements, Crystal Tomato, also inhibit melanin synthesis whilst also offering UVA & UVB protection.

Preventing Freckles in the Future

The best way to avoid future freckles is to limit the amount of direct sunlight that your skin experiences. When you choose to expose skin be sure to employ a high SPF and wide spectrum sunscreen even on hazy or cloudy days. Offering an estimated SPF25, Crystal Clear Clarity Cream can be one component of your skincare regime this summer.

Crystal Clear Clarity Cream can stop the creation of new freckles. It contains over 15 active ingredients that all work to inhibit Melanin production at a cellular level.

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