Rejuvenation & Hydration the key to summer skin with MesoGlow

| Oct 2, 2018

Don’t let Summer Living steal your Glow

Beautiful glowing skin can be tricky to maintain in the summertime.

Sun exposure, time in the pool, and high temperatures can easily rob skin of its lustre.  Proper hydration is the most important part of ensuring that your skin looks lovely all summer long.

Dry skin is dull skin. Existing skin damage, flaws and visible ageing become even more pronounced when skin is not hydrated properly. Give your skin what it needs this summer with MesoGlow – a unique skin treatment for a stand-out complexion. MesoGlow has everything needed to keep dermal structures well-hydrated and nourished with all they need to sustain rejuvenated beautiful skin.


MesoGlow helps you keep your glow despite harsh environmental factors &/ end-of-year stress that would otherwise mar your complexion as visible aging.

MesoGlow is a combination treatment that can be employed on the face, neckline, and hands. It is the perfect treatment to ensure that your skin remains vibrant, smooth, and glowing all summer long, no matter the weather! Not only does it provide the ultimate in hydration to plump, smooth and create radiant skin – it goes beyond simply hydrating. MesoGlow provides a Vitamin Cocktail full of ingredients that the skin requires for optimal inner health and outward appearance!

MesoGlow is on Special this October 2018!

How MesoGlow Works?

Mesotherapy Treatment: utilizes the body’s natural Healing Cascade mechanism to stimulate collagen production for firm youthful skin.

Supplemental Infusion: A therapeutic infusion of Hyaluronic Acid, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins essential to skin health is applied. The formulation penetrates beyond the epidermis to within the skin layers. Here it can deliver hydration and nutrition right to where it is needed most.

It revitalizes the skin by combatting photo-ageing, stimulating cellular processes, promoting circulation, and supplementing moisture and volume. MesoGlow is purely aimed (as the name suggests) at cultivating and restoring a complexion that has a refreshed and rejuvenated glow. It excels at its mission.

Hydration Mask: Treatment is finished off with an all-encompassing heavy dose of ultimate hydration. The Hydration Mask lends skin a vital barrier against summer elements. It fights against a taxing climate, so your skin does not have too. This boost, eliminates the unnecessary risk of pre-mature ageing caused by skin dehydration.

Radiant Beauty

Give your skin the gift of hydration alongside the nutritional building blocks to enable it to gift you back with an unmistakable glow! Don’t let your skin suffer this holiday season as the pressure mounts, the to-do list lengthens and the temperature climbs! Nourish your skin with maximum hydration. Be prepared to enjoy this summer with SAI’s MesoGlow Special.

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