Recovery Creams

| March 13, 2017

Maximizing the Healing Process

Realizing aesthetic ideals and turning back time on visible aging sometimes entails an aggressive treatment protocol ranging from laser treatments, chemical peels and at times surgery. Some of these procedures carry with them the necessity of a day or more of downtime.

During a one-on-one consultation that will take into account your medical history and long-term aesthetic goals; SAI doctors will speak honestly in advising what treatment is needed to achieve your aspirations.

Regardless of what treatment you are healing from the right mindset and the right recovery products are two things that can lessen unwanted symptoms and amplify your procedures positive results now and in the future.


Making the Most of Downtime

Instead of dreading required downtime try to see it has an opportunity. A healthy approach to downtime views it as an occasion to rest, recover, and practice self-care.

During downtime nurture your body with first class products and healthy nutrition. Do your best to keep to a positive and relaxed frame of mind. Enjoy the slower pace of life and indulge in the things you enjoy i.e. reading books by your favourite authors, watch tv-series, indulge in long naps etc.


Aid Recuperation with Science

Accelerate your healing process further by adding first class products that come recommended from professionals to compliment your recovery protocols. Having any unwanted symptoms less visible will increase your confidence especially if you don’t have the luxury of taking all the downtime that you might desire.


Benefits of Recovery Creams

Recovery Creams will help the results you want surface faster and may enhance the long-term benefits of your treatment.

Recovery Creams:

  • Reduce the appearance of skin redness
  • Reduce visibly irritated skin
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce and even eliminate visible scarring


Recovery Creams Buoy your Body’s Healing Process

Advanced healing formulations supply skin nourishing nutrients and vitamins to recuperating skin. They support in creating plump and flawless skin by supplementing the body’s natural Healing Cascade.

Well-chosen recovery products contribute to new skin being super smooth in texture by providing intense hydration.

This is especially important after focused treatments such as micro-abrasion and chemical peels performed on delicate facial skin.


Restorative Products

SAI only endorses skincare products that have been professionally designed with advanced scientific formulas that are efficacious. Every product in our store has been specifically chosen for its effectiveness and we are confident that it will perform. Here are three products that are worth considering if you want to boost the outcomes of your aesthetic treatment.


SAI Online

Enjoy convenient online shopping. Shipping is speedy, discreet and is made right to your door. Homecare products over R500 are shipped completely free!

The ability to treat yourself from the comfort of home is an added bonus sure to have you feeling pampered.

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