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| Nov 30, 2016

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The late nights to finish the year’s work. The dreaded season for puffy eyes & dark circles, December brings with it a host of reasons to celebrate but a few more to burn the midnight oil at the office. Year-End celebrations allow us to let our hair down, but the thought of going on holiday has us all scrambling to finish the year’s work before taking a short relaxation break.

What we have created is an environment of late nights, high stress & an abnormally exorbitant lifestyle… And this means puffy eyes & dark circles. But the cure is here!

Why do we get puffy eyes & dark circles?

Throw away your concealers, rather opt for the cure – or at least know what is causing the dark circles, and understand what/why we are doing when we treat them. There are three major culprits in developing puffy eyes & dark circles. All of which are compounded with time, which leads to more aggressive treatments to resolve.

1. Sleep – is integral to your daily skin regime. Without enough sleep your skin cannot rest & restore itself in preparation for the rigours of the day ahead. The eye area will begin to sag first as it is sensitive & fragile skin. This is why lack of sleep is so easily visible on a person’s face.

2. Poor diet – the skin is a window to your inner health. Unfortunately, late nights & parties lead to snack foods, desserts and greasy fast-food. A poor diet is immediately visible in the eye area, and even more so should you eat something that does not agree with you or if you are carrying an allergy. The sensitive skin is affected first.

3. High salt intake – when you are not cooking for yourself, you rely on others for flavour. This in many cases means a higher than normal salt intake, which in turn causes water retention. Water retention essentially translates to puffy eyes & poor eye-duct drainage.

Combine all three and you have a recipe for puffy eyes & dark circles. (Dark circles are caused by a lack of proper drainage from the eye area. This is a direct result of untreated puffy eyes, fatigue & age)

What is the cure?

The longer you have had puffy eyes, the more we need to treat. The ongoing problem leads to folds beneath the eyes that need to be filled, and also 3D volumising to assist with draining fluid away from the eye area. Then to reduce puffiness we need to use very specific eye creams & possibly laser to reduce the symptoms.

Here are your treatment options.

Dermal FillersHA Dermal Fillers will be used in the tear trough area to reduce the fold beneath the eye. This will not only create a youthful symmetry but correct placement of dermal fillers will help drain away pooled fluid. Hyaluronic acid will also rejuvenate the skin in the eye area reducing the risk of the problem re-occurring for up to 12 months.

Laser – the eye area is extremely sensitive so only gold standard laser treatments should be employed on the eye area for safety. The benefit of undergoing laser rejuvenation on the eye area is that the process will eliminate the dark circle under the eye.

Homecare – at SAI we stock NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy & NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream Plus to help not only maintain puffy eye & dark circle treatment results but also as a daily cream to help protect & lift the eye area. You can purchase both products in-house or online.


It is of paramount importance that the three treatments be used in conjunction to achieve a youthful appearance & reduce future risk of developing puffy eyes & dark circles again. Please make an appointment should your dark circles or puffy eyes be bothering you, or if you are wishing for an eye rejuvenation treatment prior to a big event. We are geared up for the holiday rush but space is limited.

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