PRP Therapy – the benefits of injecting your own plasma

| March 1, 2021

PRP Therapy is an established therapeutic treatment with versatile applications. Its anti-ageing results are both fantastic and proven. What distinguishes PRP as a stand-out treatment over other forms of Skin Rejuvenation?

Regenerative Medicine

The science of health and well-being is moving towards an embrace of Regenerative Medicine.

The focus of this expanding field is rejuvenation; replacing and regenerating human cells and tissues that are damaged due to age, trauma, or disease in order to restore or create normal function. It works to implement health strategies and therapies that help the body harness innate abilities to heal itself and function optimally.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a Regenerative Medicine procedure with a substantial research track record demonstrating notable efficacy.

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Powerful Aesthetic Outcomes

Platelet rich plasma therapy relies on the established principles of Regenerative Medicine.

PRP amplifies the naturally occurring growth factors required for tissue regeneration: creating significant aesthetic outcomes, naturally!

What is Plasma?

Plasma is a very important substance within blood; making up about 55% of its total composition. It is the fluid part which allows it to transport blood cells through the circulatory system. It fulfills the vital responsibility for carrying nutrients, hormones, and proteins throughout the body as well as assisting in cellular waste elimination. Within plasma is red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets; all essential for healing, health, and life.

What are platelets?

Platelets are small round red blood cells required for the formation of blood clots which stop bleeding from damaged blood vessels. They are produced deep within bone marrow and exist within blood in an “un-activated” or dormant state. Platelet activation is a crucial part of the body’s natural healing process.

How is Platelet Rich Plasma obtained?

The process of obtaining Platelet Rich Plasma is straightforward.

First, an individual’s blood is drawn. This blood is placed in a centrifuge and spun at extreme high speeds, thus separating the platelets. This distilled platelet rich plasma is then reinjected or applied as required. The fact that PRP utilizes an individual’s own platelets for therapy translates into a very high unlikelihood of any sort of allergic reaction following. This allows for PRP Therapy to be seen as an extremely low risk treatment option appropriate for men and women of any age.

Evolution of PRP Therapy for Anti-Ageing Applications

While PRP therapy has been used for decades to treat sport injuries, its growing aesthetic uses continue to evolve. It is employed in the fight against Alopecia (hair loss) and used for dermal rejuvenation. When one considers that its mechanism of action is to repair and heal cellular function; its value as an anti-ageing instrument becomes clear. Visible ageing is caused by UV damage and or loss of cellular function due to time and environmental factors. PRP’s advantage is that it treats aged dermal tissue and cellular processes as injured or impaired; thus working to promote and enhance the healing process from within. Through the strategic injection of natural growth and healing components, i.e. PRP, the production of reparative cells is stimulated; resulting in all-natural, enviable anti-ageing results.

Incorporating PRP into a science-based annual anti-ageing protocol

Science has shown us that ageing skin suffers from a loss of key structural components such as Collagen and Elastin as cellular function diminishes. Reintroducing a concentrated PRP into target sites of unwanted visible ageing re-energizes the dermal cells to correct themselves. This will resolve common concerns such as; fine lines and wrinkles, sagging and loose skin, and a tired and dull complexion. PRP Therapy serves as a dual-purpose treatment; it works to eliminate signs of visible ageing now while serving as a prejuvenation treatment for the future.

As it is a comfortable, easy-to-perform, no-downtime-required aesthetic treatment – it can be enjoyed regularly. Fortunately, it pairs beautifully in combination with other treatments. At the minimum consider including it as an annual therapy.

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