Preparing your skin for Summer

| Sep 29, 2020

Understanding allows one to select care that is appropriate and effective.

Summer is now well on its way. Let’s look at how the shifting elements of the new season will contribute and influence dermal texture and appearance.

Summer Elements

Summer months can affect skin in a myriad of ways.

    • Increased UV exposure with accompanying risk of photo damage
      • Stronger levels of UV within longer summer days.
      • More time spent outdoors with sport, braais, and time poolside.
      • Low-quality SPF products can harm skin by clogging pores and cause skin irritation.
    • Higher levels of humidity & Rising Heat
      • Winter-appropriate products need to be switched out for those appropriate for hotter temperatures
      • Sweat and oil from heat and outside activity combined can allow bacteria on skin to flourish causing breakouts.
      • Cleansers and moisturisers containing summer suitable formulations ought to be used.
    • Change in toxin load and free radical activity
      • Summer social scenes and holidays may result in increased alcohol and sugar consumption.
      • Chlorine in pools steals moisture and disrupts skin surface pH.

An ideal Anti-ageing Approach

Although not always possible Consistency does contribute to obtaining long-term anti-ageing goals. The ideal approach to anti-ageing is a considered one, and it is soundly a marathon not a sprint. By working with aesthetic intention in the present, one can reverse past cumulative damage, treat present concerns, and prevent future harm.

Seasonal changes present an opportunity to assess our skin’s current condition and prepare it for environmental changes. Nourishing the skin on a cellular level can allow it to improve throughout the entire summer season. These three key elements will assist and guide choices in treatments, products, and beauty routines.

  1. Skin Hydration

Optimize Moisture Levels with Microdroplet HA & IV Skin Brightening – HA microdroplet treatments place HA within the dermal layers capable of taking ultimate advantage of the hydrating properties which have made it famous. As HA particles draw moisture through hygroscopic properties, it delivers moisture long after treatment for extended excellent results. IV Skin Brightening yields a special blend of cellular nourishment as it presents a vitamin-rich cocktail and the ultimate in skin hydration. Maximize dermal resources with this relaxing and rewarding treatment which creates an even, bright, and glowing complexion.

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  1. Stimulate Cellular Processes

Exfoliation via Chemical Peels – These versatile treatments are personalized for individual needs, skin types, and yes, even season. By boosting cellular turnover deep within the dermal matrix, the skin’s surface is improved upon. Active exfoliation provided by peels remove dead cells to reveal fresh and unblemished skin below. Chemical Peels can treat hyper-pigmentation, eliminate fine lines and revive dull skin. Gentle, less-aggressive peels are required during summer months. These are perfect for combating summer stressors and allow for skin to stay clear.

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To learn more about the different active ingredients used in Chemical Peels, click here.

  1. Products which Protect

There truly is no priority like Prevention when it comes to skincare. Homecare products selected during summer months should cater to the season’s new skin requirements.

    • SPF – Correctly chosen Facial SPF care is essential! High SPF will work to prevent sun damage and pigmentation issues, whilst preserving treatment results. Scientifically formulated professional products such as SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock will not clog pores or damage skin in the process.
    • Antioxidant Serum – Skin serves as a barrier and frequently takes big hits from without and within. A powerful antioxidant serum preserves cellular function and defends against stress that otherwise would impact one’s complexion. Consider the inclusion of an antioxidant serum into your daily routine.


Make aesthetic priorities a reality with expert skill of Dr Clark and his established team at SAI.

Incorporating these essential elements and selecting summer specific treatments will revive your complexion and result in stand-out skin. Plan ahead for easy budgeting and benefit from SAI Monthly Specials.

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