Preparing your skin for winter

| March 13, 2017

Wintertime on the Way

Summertime skincare has had its day in the sun and plenty of press. Hints of autumn have arrived and winter is on the way.

Wintertime skincare woes can be avoided by preparing and protecting your skin as the seasons change.

Common winter skin ailments include:

  • Dry skin conditions
  • Flakiness
  • Dermatitis
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Brittleness and a feeling of tightness
  • Appearance of patchy problem areas
  • Chapped skin


Offense is the Best Defence!

Be prepared and to tailor your skincare as the season changes. This will ensure you avoid undesired effects showing up on your skin.

Watch out for these elements that can exacerbate existing issues and create new ones:

  • Cold air that holds less moisture
  • Windy days that dehydrate our skin
  • Indoor heaters that make air even drier
  • Long hot showers or soaks that strip natural skin oils


Professional Aesthetic Treatments

Autumn is the perfect time to undergo Skin Rejuvenation treatments & light chemical peels are a good place to start as the sunshine lessens in intensity. Not only do Chemical Peels address unwanted summertime damage but they also clear out dead cells that would otherwise result in a dull complexion. To read more about the amazing benefits of Skin Rejuvenation Top to Bottom click here.


Assess Your Cleanser

If you are using the right cleanser, nothing may need to change. Keep in mind that the cleanser you choose should be suited to your skin type to achieve positive results. If your current cleanser is dehydrating it may have more pronounced effects in the winter time and cause aesthetic skin damage.


Skin Brightening

With less sun exposure in winter months; autumn is the perfect time for skin brightening. Find out the latest ways to safely and successfully achieve brighter skin or to address areas of hyper-pigmentation click here.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

It cannot be said enough! Moisturizing is vital to skin health all year long but in the cold dry winter months it makes a massive impact on the skin’s appearance.

Greasy, heavy moisturizers of old are outdated and insufficient. They stay on top, perched above the top layer of skin and only make it appear shiny.

Thankfully, scientific study has given us a new breed of sophisticated moisturizers that is capable of protecting skin from the harmful elements of winter. They can carry moisture to the deeper layers and actually gather moisture from the environment to build a protective layer. Hyaluronic Acid is specifically added to many of our moisturizing creams for this purpose. Shop our elite range of products here at our online store.


Knowledge is Power

Our SAI team has years of experience assisting individuals to effectively target their skincare concerns across every season, allow our therapists to guide you.


Not sure where to start?

Begin, by taking our complimentary Online Skin Assessment every two weeks. With the help of this tool you can watch how the seasons play out on your skin and tailor your product choices to be appropriate.

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