Prepare for the year-end storm

| Oct 2, 2017

The end of the year is sure to be busy & it is likely that many of us will look and feel quite tired. Once days become jam-packed with socializing, making holiday meals and searching for the perfect gifts it can become challenging to schedule in time for yourself.

If you want to look your best to bring in the New Year, now is the right time to plan ahead. Remember some final results require more than one session so it is best to begin sooner rather than later. Make an appointment today to start your Aesthetic treatments.

Big Impact Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic Treatments can have a major impact on how you look and feel. If you want to enjoy your best self and skin this summer – planning & preparation without procrastination is key!

Plan Now for Aesthetic Treatments that:

  • May require more than 1x session of treatment spaced in intervals
  • May require several days of downtime post-treatment
  • May require several days for the final result to emerge
  • May require skin be shaded from UV exposure for several days following treatment

Offered at SAI

Here are some of the treatments available at SAI:

Skin Rejuvenation

Get the Glow this season!

  • Refresh your complexion with a Chemical Peel formulated uniquely for you. Address acne scars, dull skin, UV damage & visible aging.
  • Experience the moisture enhancing properties of Hyaluronic Acid employed as a Dermal Filler. Precisely target areas of concern.
  • Consider Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and utilize your own cells to restore vitality to your complexion.

Laser Hair Removal

Leave unwanted body-hair behind and step into the New Year smooth!

  • Forget razor-nicks & stubble, say ‘never again’ to painful waxing – with advanced Laser Hair Removal options you can say goodbye to constant maintenance and hello to silky convenience. New advances in laser technology make the process more comfortable than ever.

Body Shaping

Slip into summer with the shape you want.

Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment & Skin Brightening

SAI offers multiple treatment options such that different skin types & pigmentation types may be addressed.

  • Target hyper-pigmentation effectively with a treatment that is suitable for your skin. Reverse UV photo-damage. Enjoy bright even-toned skin all summer long.

*Currently on Special at Sandton Aesthetic Institute – for more simply click here.

Schedule your ‘Me-Time’ Now

Enjoy the Office Christmas Party in Style! Leisure beautifully in the December Holidays. Begin the New Year confidently. Tick your Aesthetic resolutions off the to-do list. Act with intention to sort out that niggling concern. Why put up with something that could be positively impacted with treatment? Set some time aside now to consult with the Medical Doctors and professionals at SAI.

Prepare for the year-end storm now to look amazing whatever the weather.

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