Prejuvenation for summer

| Oct 28, 2020

Our 4 anti-ageing Skin Health tips

Summertime living is supposed to be easy but it can easily take a hard toll on skin. Awareness and prevention are key to keeping seasonal elements from causing harm.

Active Prejuvenation allows for skin to withstand holiday indulgences. Ensure that your glow stays radiant and that you feel beautiful all season long with these 4 anti-ageing tips.

1. Establish a Healthy Foundation to build upon

Get skin primed to be sure it is up to speed from the outset. Prepared skin functions well. High cellular function combats environmental assailants from within or without competently.

Not sure if your skin is at the starting line? Read how to prepare your skin for summer here.

Aesthetic treatments and professional products with active ingredients are excellent opportunities to enact a skin reset. These include Chemical Peels, Dermapen, IV treatments and tailored Homecare Regimes.

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2. Prevent Excess Sun Exposure

You’ve heard this one before but trust us, it’s worth repeating. Be warned; excessive UV exposure can be detrimental to the dermal surface and within its layers. Photo-ageing is the leading cause of accelerated skin ageing and premature ageing. Not only does it create sunspots and pigmentation irregularities it also weakens skin structures and steals moisture. On top of it all, it can contribute to the development of certain skin cancers. Knowing that, keep these approaches of treating and preventing sun damage in mind.

  1. Eliminate pre-existing sun damage with Skin Rejuvenation treatments such as Dermapen and Chemical Peels. These techniques target the superficial most-outer layer of skin in order to encourage healthy cellular turnover. Thus, serving to keep previous damage from being added to and further compounded.
  2. One common recommendation to foster skin resilience is to consider an oral supplement. Dr Clark advises Clients with excess sun induced pigmentation concerns to add one Opalesce tablet daily during the high summer months of November and December.
  3. Engage in the everyday skin honouring ritual of applying an SPF product. Technology for UV protection has become remarkably advanced. Modern SPF products  can be found that suit every skin type and provide benefits beyond UVA/UVB protection. Professional products include anti-ageing, moisture retaining, active ingredients. Make a commitment this summer to apply product to your face, neck, décolletage, hands, and any other exposed skin.

3. Enlightened Eating & Drinking

The holidays are an ideal time to relax and who among us does not need a break more than ever, after this topsy-turvy year. Indulgence commonly translates into an increased intake of comfort foods, sugar, and often alcohol. Sleeping and exercise times may also alter with normal routines thrown to the wind during holiday times. Skin reflects our inner health; leniency in regard to healthy intake often creates unwanted negative changes on the dermal surface. We at SAI want all of our Clients to enjoy a lovely holiday, just be pro-active in equipping your skin to deal with the additional skin stressors that come with holiday indulgences.

  • Incorporate a free-radical fighting antioxidant homecare or serum into your skincare regime. Stress, sugar, UV, and alcohol all result in an excess of free radicals being formed. Free radicals can destroy cellular function and destabilize internal cellular skin structures. Antioxidants are the answer; they neutralize free radicals by taking away their ability to cause harm.
  • Enlist a targeted treatment to supply a boost of skin nourishing vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and moisture. These build your body’s natural reserves to cope effectively with seasonal excesses. This can be achieved through IV Skin Brightening treatments or through combining a Dermapen treatment with an antioxidant serum for enhanced deep absorption.

4. Counteract Saltwater &/ Chlorinated water

Sun-loving South Africans tend to morph into true water babies during the summer season. A lovely swim in the sea or a refreshing plunge into the pool… Make no mistake; these delightful dips possess the potential to detrimentally affect skin.

Salt and chemicals can both disrupt essential skin surface oils. This can easily result in dehydration of the dermis, a condition that will hasten ageing. Pool chemicals also disrupt skin pH levels which may cause the skin barrier to be compromised leading to breakouts or skin surface irritations. What to do?

Simply bolster the skin against these stressors and get back outside to savour more good-times!

  • Employ micro droplet HA treatments to boost moisture retention from the inside out. HA lends its impressive moisture attracting quality to hydrate the dermal tissues. This natural hygroscopic mechanism provides the framework for healthy skin and allows for optimal moisture levels to be created within dermal layers for plump, toned, hydrated skin.
  • Relax and enjoy a hydrating 3D mask at SAI. A 3D mask not only soothes skin, calming the symptoms of dry skin – it also effectively delivers deep hydration. Application feels luxuriously pampering, so you can prevent skin harm while enjoying a treat yourself.

Create your dream summertime complexion with help from SAI

You don’t have to find the way on your own. The dermal team at SAI will assess, explain, and guide in choosing the correct treatments.

We are also available to supply recommendations based on unique particulars including individual skin types and specific lifestyle factors.

Come visit us today to plan a custom skincare strategy for the summer season. Allow our expert assistance to help you choose how to prioritize treatments and products in line with your needs and budget. Engaging a Professional allows for achieving targeted results. A Professional team equals professional results.

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