Pregnancy Hormones & your skin

| April 7, 2017

Hormones changes during Pregnancy: what does it mean for your skin?

The role that hormones play in skin-health is well-recognized and complex. Different life-stages carry unique hormone shifts with them.

Pregnancy is one time of life carrying profound hormonal changes that often reflect visibly on the skin.

Let’s look at symptoms and skin conditions that arise commonly during pregnancy. See what can be done using Over-the-Counter products and discover options for Professional Treatments that may reduce or eliminate unwanted lasting skin affects.


Special Considerations

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life and the massive hormonal changes she is experienced should not be underestimated.


Visia™ Technology

If one is planning to become pregnant it is wholly worthwhile to utilize the unique skin assessment technology Visia™. SAI are currently offering a free initial Visia™ scan. To download your voucher click here. This software greats an in-depth skin assessment that can be used to track skin changes and guide treatment choices before, during and after pregnancy.


Treatment Timing

Some skin conditions such as PUPP should naturally recede after giving birth while others may not. While many treatments and products are safe to use while pregnant. In some instances and with some conditions such as ‘Pregnancy mask’ it will be preferable to wait until after you have given birth to receive treatment. For more extensive aesthetic treatments, if you are breastfeeding, it is advisable to delay treatment until your child is weaned.


Common Pregnancy Skin Conditions:

Pregnancy Mask

This phrase has been coined to describe specific areas of hyper-pigmentation that appear on the face during pregnancy. In fact, the condition is so common it is a symptom seen by nearly half of all pregnant women. Medically it is referred to as Chlosma or Melasma.

OTC Combat

  • Take sun protection seriously. Wear a large sunhat and invest in full spectrum SPF skin protection that is safe and does not pore-clogging for delicate facial skin.
  • Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream is safe for facial skin and can be applied topically to any areas showcasing hyper-pigmentation.

 Professional Treatment

Aesthetic pigmentation treatments exist and can be explored here.


Extra Oily Skin

Increased hormone levels often lead to an extra amount of oil being secreted from the pores. While this extra oil contributes to creating the coveted ‘glow’ of pregnancy it may also lead to unwanted acne breakouts.

OTC Combat

  • Oil based cleanser
  • Strict Cleansing Routine
  • Please clarify that your skincare products are pregnancy-safe

Professional Treatment

Employ Visia™ technology to track skin changes before, during, and after pregnancy. With an in-depth personalized profile it allows the experts to give you individualized advice and prescribe products or treatments that specifically target your needs.

If acne results in scarring, aesthetic treatment exist that may reduce the visibility of scarring. Read more about acne scarring treatments here.


Dry Itchy Skin

Skin on the abdomen may begin to itch as it stretches to cover a growing belly during pregnancy. Some women will experience itchiness that spreads further away from the belly onto the thighs and extremities. The itchiness can be accompanied by reddened or raised patches of skin. This skin condition need not be feared even though it has a slightly daunting name Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plagues (often abbreviated to PUPP).

PUPP usually disappears after birth.

OTC Combat

  • Heavy duty moisturizer applied often
  • Please clarify that your skincare products are pregnancy-safe

 Professional Treatment

Scientifically formulated treatment creams that help soothe and moisturize. HA has not been tested for this condition but many women have found creams containing it to offer some relief as it naturally draws water moisture to the area. For more Dry Skin treatments read here.


Skin Tags

Science cannot tell us exactly what causes skin tags. They appear as small flaps of skin ranging the size of a pinhead to a pencil eraser. They are often thought to be influenced by hormones and skin friction – and frequently occur, albeit not exclusively, during pregnancy.

OTC Combat

  • None Available

 Professional Treatment

A Medical doctor can safely remove skin tags. An Aesthetic doctor from SAI is particularly well-suited as they can apply established techniques to minimize possible scarring.


Darker Moles and Freckles

Hormone changes can result in increased pigmentation within existing moles and freckles. If you spot any changes in edge texture, diameter, or other irregularities it is always best to get professional advice.

OTC Combat

  • Darker freckles can be directly targeted with Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream. This skin brightening cream utilizes the power of unique GMO-free white tomatoes. It contains no harmful ingredients and is safe to use during pregnancy!

 Professional Treatment

Unwanted moles can be safely removed by a medical professional. You don’t have to live with enlarged or poorly placed moles.


Varicose or Spider Veins

Pregnancy can often cause spider or varicose veins to appear especially if you have a genetic predisposition for them.

OTC Combat

  • Non Available

 Professional Treatment

Vein treatments can be used with great success to diminish certain types of veins. Read more about vein treatment here.


SAI Consults

SAI doctors have years of experience in the world of Aesthetic Medicine. Schedule a consultation today for professional advice. We can discuss treatment timing, what treatment options are available for you at present, and give you some ideas of how to safely treat unwanted skin conditions that have resulted from hormonal changes.


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