Predicted Trends for 2016

| Jan 3, 2016

What is on the cards for the new year?

Each year starts with the excitement of new things, new growth and we at SAI are no different. We love to be on the scientific cusp of all things that advance aesthetic medicine by way of patient results, safety and satisfaction. In 2015 we saw the rebirth of thread lifts and a continued movement toward non-invasive body contouring. We also witnessed the first trend toward aesthetic medicine combining with nutrition for ultimate skin health and preventative results.

But what will 2016 have in store for us? Here is what we at SAI are predicting for this year.


With the movement toward healthy living in full swing we cannot foresee any other movement taking shape more h2ly than preventative aesthetic medicine. By this we have two predictions:

  1. We will see more younger mid-twenties patients keen to prevent premature ageing with traditional methods of Botulinum toxin, fillers, chemical peels & skin hydration techniques.
  2. We predict to see more and more people combining holistic health and applying skin rejuvenation and nutrition to skincare. We will, therefore, see more products and treatments focusing on retuning skin to a healthy, optimum state with maximum hydration and homeostasis for collagen and elastin production.

Fat Reduction

stockxpertcom_id108734_size1Non-invasive fat reduction has been growing increasingly over the last 5 years. We now freeze fat or melt fat and both technologies have their applications and benefits. What we will begin so see in 2016 is the rise of requirements for smaller treatment areas including the double chin, knees and ankles.

Up until now the aesthetic industry has focussed more upon larger volume fat stores, but the community is crying out for small stubborn fat accumulations to be targeted and this year we will see the industry reaction.

Advancements in facial augmentation

restylane_lipsM0-any think we are at the pinnacle of non-surgical facial augmentation. This is furthest from the truth. Combining Silhouette Soft thread lifts with dermal fillers helps tighten, create and realign the face for youthful symmetry. In 2016 we will continue to see the evolution of improved techniques with new products to further enhance patient satisfaction. This may take the form of improved sutures to new dermal fillers, but we predict 2016 will see a new product altogether… but we’ll need to wait for IMCAS Paris for that to be confirmed.

Cosmeceuticals & Supplements

crystal_tomato_skin_dietary_supplementFor most people, the simpler the better! And it is no different in the cosmeceutical and supplement world. Crystal Tomato offers skin lightening with a supplement a day – we predict that we are more likely to see more homecare regimes heading down this line.

Many patients are not committed or simply forget to maintain a daily or sometimes twice daily moisturising application. If this could be solved with a supplement, convenience would no longer be an issue.

That said, we will continue to see the advancement of homecare cosmeceuticals. Active ingredients that treat the skin on a cellular level will help maintain results for longer, keep clients younger for longer and of course help the doctors at SAI minimise the visible signs of ageing.

Dark Circles under the eyes

By way of “blast from the past” treatments we at SAI are predicting a rise in requests for the removal of dark circles from under the eyes. Toward the end of the 2015 we have had more requests from patients and we see this trend continuing. Treatments for dark circles under the eyes are well documented and we at SAI have great success in eradicating this condition.

2016 will bring a host of opportunities for those wishing to get their skin and beauty back on track. The joy is each year our treatment protocols get better and better. Our only advice is start today, don’t wait: the sooner we begin the easier it will be prevent further damage and return your skin and facial symmetry to a more youthful appearance. Make your appointment with Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047.

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