Post-holiday Skin Recovery

| December 16, 2022

Finding the New Year’s, New Groove!

Once the Christmas décor has been packed away and after all the events, occasions, and holiday travel is complete; it is time to get into the New Year’s new groove. At SAI we assist many Clients who return from their holidays needing to re-establish their Skin Health & Skin Balance. The South African summer sun and holiday indulgences are the most common culprits.

SAI has proven strategies that will get you back on track for beautiful skin all year long in 2023. Here are the most voiced Client complaints and their appropriate remedy treatments. None of these treatments require a recovery downtime and all can take place in under 60minutes.

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Help! I caught too much sun in the holidays.

Heightened UV exposure is a common concern following the summer holiday season. UVA/UVB rays penetrate unprotected dermis, dehydrate, and disrupt cellular function. They deepen existing wrinkles and create new ones. When rays are intense enough to cause a sunburn; dermal tissue structure is damaged from within and needs help to recover.

Recovery Treatments include:

IV Skin Brightening – Relax and enjoy deep moisture delivered via IV infusion. A big dose of Glutathione along with powerful antioxidants assist the body to recover from within; restoring moisture and providing nutrients for stimulating collagen and elastin production. This procedure will restore glow and brighten.

Chemical Peel – Each peel is an individualized treatment formulated to address personalized skin concerns. Skin that undergoes a peel will have improved cellular turnover. Dead and dull skin cells are removed from surface layers, fresh cells are brought to surface and skin structure essentials are boosted. Chemical Peels can lessen existing ‘sun-spots’. They diminish fine lines and wrinkles and bring a smooth, even toned skin surface to the forefront.

Skin Boosters – Precisely target problem areas with skin building blocks. Skin Boosters are capable of providing dermal hydration, free radical fighting antioxidants, and subtle skin lifting. The perfect solution to skin that has gotten too much sun! For an introduction to HA Skin Boosters, please click here.

Homecare – Soothe and restore with correctly chosen active ingredients that bring the balance back. Address surface skin issues such as inflammation, redness, excess skin sebum or a disturbed skin barrier. Shop Online and be free to ask our experts questions that can inform and guide product selection.

Help! I drank and ate too much in the holidays

The health impact of excess sugar is widely known but its effect on the skin, less so. An over-abundance of sugar processed or natural leads to the creation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which are a cross-link of sugar and protein. The body will not recognize these as natural or normal and so, in response to their presence; creates antibodies. These antibodies make inflammation that appears on the skin. To make dermal matters worse; AGE’s often target collagen and elastin for an even larger negative impact. The results of this glycation process are increased wrinkles, compromised collagen and skin barrier function, accelerated ageing, and loss of skin suppleness. Choosing conscientiously regarding sugar intake is important – as is treating Skin Health which is lagging due to a spike in intake.

Read more on how to resolve deepening wrinkles in this article.

Recovery Treatments include:

Dermapen – The ultra-controlled use of micro gauge needles to stimulate the cellular matrix positively improves the appearance of skin. Dermapen treatment initiates The Healing Cascade while simultaneously allowing for a dermal surface perfectly primed for deep penetration and easy absorption of skin nutrients. End results include tightened and firmed skin that features a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines.

PRP Therapy – The power of platelets is well documented and is used in a wide range of restorative medical procedures. In Aesthetic Medicine a small amount of the Client’s blood is drawn and spun to isolate the platelets. Skin is prepared and then platelets are delivered to the dermal surface. In this way PRP therapy harnesses the impressive natural qualities and abilities of platelets to do vital cellular recovery work. They fight inflammation, assist in cell creation, and restore damaged skin. They are all-natural and risks of allergic reactions are next to zero as one’s own platelets are employed.

Homecare – The antidote to the glycation’s AGEs is antioxidants. Nature has provided these for use in multiple and diverse forms. Through ingestion or external application to skin these will work to counteract and neutralize the destructive forces of AGEs. Active ingredient homecare with powerful antioxidants within are an excellent way to fight back while providing effective assistance to skin in recovery from spikes of excess sugar contained in food and beverages. Click here for the SAI Online Skincare Store’s antioxidant range.

Please click here to see our Body Treatments, and click here to see our January 2023 Mesotherapy CelluCare Special for Cellulite.

Help! I travelled without my normal homecare range and now I have a breakout.

Skin is our largest organ and it is sensitive to change. Changes in physical routine or in dermal care routines often lead to visible effects on skin. Unhappy skin may showcase patches of redness or dry scaly itchy skin, as well as puffy or lacklustre skin. Address acne flare ups and evidence of agitation with balancing and revitalizing treatments.

Keep in Mind: The actives in skincare are potent and very efficacious. While this very quality is why we love them, it makes them capable of causing disruptions & irritation when not applied appropriately. Enjoy this guide to the Hierarchy of Skin Needs for professional tips on what to prioritize. We also encourage you to discover why a personalized and professional Skin Assessment is worthwhile.

Recovery Treatments include:

Chemical peel for breakouts – Specifically formulated Chemical Peels are capable of halting a breakout; keeping it from getting any worse. Once the breakout is addressed, the skin can be provided with support so that it recovers well and fully without leaving discolouration or scarring behind.

Dermapen – The mechanism of action in Dermapen treatment can be effectively harnessed to intercept a breakout. Dermapen  improves skin through improving its health at a cellular level. This translates into, facilitating a healthy cellular turnover, optimising moisture within skin layers, and bringing a proper balance to the skin barrier so that it functions as it should.

Corrective homecare – Stop breakouts and ensure they stay under control with corrective homecare routines that support skin exactly in the stage it is at. Age, lifestyle factors, hormonal realities and more will all contribute to elements which lead to skin imbalances. Understanding the skin type you possess along with individualized skin strengths and weaknesses will identify where assistance can facilitate a significant positive impact. Implementation of homecare which addresses the root of the issue places control back in your hands so that you can take action; restoring a smooth complexion and restoring skin which can self-regulate properly. Click here for the SAI Online Skincare Store.

Full Circle

The perfect after-party following the hectic holiday season is a scheduled appointment with Dr Clark and a proven skin treatment capable of reversing ill-effects and reinvigorating the skin. Bringing our skin back into balance and in line with our Skin Goals is an achievable goal which allows us to come full circle and start the New Year fresh. Dr Clark and his SAI team are well-positioned to assist with action that restores skin so that you fall in love with it again.


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