Pixel Peel Applications

| July 30, 2018

Tackling common skin problems effectively & easily

A Pixel Peel provides an effective treatment for a number of unwanted skin blemishes and skin conditions.

Pixel Peel Advantages

  • Uses DermaPen science to aid penetration of TCA
  • Allows Chemical Peel ingredients penetrate to specific skin layers
  • Activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • Effective treatment for a myriad of skin concerns and conditions
  • Helps create a smooth unblemished dermal surface
  • Allows fresh rejuvenated skin to replace scarred or lined skin

What is a Pixel Peel?

A Pixel Peel combines the best of Dermapen and TCA Peels, two popular aesthetic skin treatments for improved skin health and anti-ageing results.

  • Dermapen: Utilizing the Dermapen allows Dr Clark’s team to zoom-in on focal problem areas. With the use of extremely fine gauge needles set for varying depths of penetration – the Dermapen creates a perfect dermal environment for maximized penetration & absorption of TCA. It purposely stimulates the body’s Natural Healing Cascade to help create and bring fresh, bright, and smooth skin to the surface.
  • TCA Peel: TCA Peels are no longer applied on a one-size fits all basis. Instead the latest formulations are often proprietary blends to suit individuals. A qualified and experienced Aesthetic Doctor will complete a skin assessment before moving forward with treatment. TCA Peels can be designed in formulations of as little as 5% TCA up to 50% TCA. The strength that is right for you should be chosen based on your skin type as well as the skin conditions or concerns that are to be targeted.

Where can a Pixel Peel be Applied?

  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Face

Who would benefit from a Pixel Peel:

Skin Rejuvenation

Refreshed rejuvenated skin is achieved by integrating the benefits available through both Dermapen and TCA Peels. Clients can see improvement in:

  • Less Sagging with tighter & firmer skin
  • Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminated Hyperpigmentation
  • Scar Reduction
  • Radiant & Smooth Skin


Individuals who suffer with certain types of Acne may find relief with a Pixel Peel. TCA Peels and Dermapen Treatments are often employed as an effective means to regulate and diminish incidents of Acne flare-ups. In combination treatments, these two aesthetic treatments can target Acne so deeply that future breakouts can be prevented.

Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring can mar one’s confidence. Fortunately, Pixel Peels can address an uneven skin surface that remains a testament to severe acne. Many individuals have discovered the scar erasing potential of Dermapen and/or TCA Peels – when combined they offer hope of erasing and/or diminishing deep pitted or disfiguring scars.

Achieving Maximum Benefits from a Pixel Peel

The course of treatment recommended for you will be specific to your unique aesthetic goals. Some skin treatments may require more than one in-clinic session or a measured set of downtime.

While skin is recovering from a Pixel Peel it is important to follow Dr Clark’s instructions carefully. Aftercare for a TCA Peel includes protecting skin with an adequate sun cream! It is also possible to facilitate recovery with the use of special recovery creams.

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Busy Schedule?

Great options are available if your schedule is too hectic for multiple treatments. Check out SAI’s Single Treatment Skin Rejuvenation Option.

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