Personalized Summer Skincare

| November 28, 2023

Bespoke Beauty

We’ve all had memorable failures as we’ve learned and experimented with attempting to achieve results in our beauty routines. The embarrassing outcome of trying a trend that wasn’t suited to our skin type or the let-down with the lacklustre lack of impact from some hot hyped-up product… If you are ready to be done with experiments and experience success while streamlining your energies, you are not alone. Women the world over are letting go of frustrating DIY attempts and embracing personalized skin strategies formed with the help of skincare specialists.

With experience comes wisdom; Dr Clark and his team have decades of experience to use to your benefit. Our team here at SAI is poised to work with You.

Our Approach

Partner with Dr Clark at Sandton Aesthetic Institute to revitalize your summer skincare journey. If you haven’t already, book a complimentary Visia® Skin Analysis and employ technology to map the true state of your facial dermal surface. This process is illuminating, painless, and free.

After this preliminary fact-finding, will be a conversation about what bothers you or concerns you most. Together we will explore environmental, seasonal, and lifestyle factors which are often skin influencers. From here, you can decide what your priorities will be and we’ll design a strategy that fits.

3 SAI Summer Essentials

1. Hydration for Healthy Radiance: Moisture is a golden ticket when it comes to keeping your Skin Health’ basics on target. Dehydrated skin loses its lustre, showcases blemishes, makes wrinkles and lines more pronounced, and can’t recover from stress correctly. Fight back against moisture thieves to optimise moisture levels and keep them safe regardless of pool chemicals, sun, sweat, and heat – with the correct hydrating product. Browse our wide range of premium options in our online store.

2. Always & Forever – Sunscreen is a Non-Negotiable: If you only use one product, please make it a quality sunscreen. Photo-damage accumulates throughout our lifetime and is the major cause of accelerated premature ageing. SAI is dedicated to offering an array of quality sunscreen products in varying strengths, which are suitable for the various skin types. Dr Clark simply cannot emphasize it enough; sunscreen is vital for Skin Health, problem prevention, and maintaining a rejuvenated aesthetic.

Whether you choose oil-free, mineral, gel, or spray; invest in a quality sunscreen.

3. Summer-Proof Skincare Rituals: Habits can empower us to follow-through on our goals. Summer-friendly skincare rituals should be easy yet impactful. If we value them, they can integrate into daily life. For summertime simplicity we usually pick light moisturisers that nourish, gentle cleansers, and an SPF protection that makes our skin sing.

More isn’t always Better

Equipping yourself with knowledge regarding your skin’s needs and being open to assistance from professionals allows you to narrow your scope. You don’t need dozens of products.

Your Skin Health will best be served by a select few appropriate products that cater directly to your needs this season. This saves you time, money, and hassle while providing exactly the nourishment your skin needs.

Uniquely You

Don’t settle for what works for someone else’s skin! Give your skin exactly what it wants and needs with an integrative and holistic personalised approach alongside SAI. Ask questions, understand your skin needs, and enjoy making it all about your unique summer skincare journey. Our expertise and curated products are key to unlocking a summer season of confidence and a beautifully radiant you!

To help accommodate the seasonal elements that affect our skin, SAI offers seasonally appropriate treatment and product specials to make caring for your skin that much easier. If hydration is a concern for you; you’ll want to assess our current special it is ideal for summer skin concerns.

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