Perfect Spring Planning

| August 2, 2019

Bloom this Spring

Spring comes like a breath of fresh air; it puts a pep in your step and beauty on your mind.

The warming weather means it’s time to peel-off the winter layers. The first proper rain cleanses the highveld air and signals new beginnings. Let spring be a new beginning for your skin too! Benefit from SAI’s August 2019 Specials and be ready and raring to greet Spring with your best skin ever.

Rehydrate, rejuvenate and bloom this spring!

Why treat now?

Winter is harsh on skin. The cold season’s elements deplete moisture levels which dulls the skin and allows visible ageing to take centre stage.

Restore winter-weary skin with well-timed non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Undergoing treatment(s) now lays the foundation for beautiful skin that will last through Spring and beyond.

The correct treatments expertly performed work to produce a healthy skin matrix. Achieving this is the key to holistic skin health. When the sublayers of the dermis are supported and cellular function is optimized it becomes considerably easier to target and treat areas of concern.

This minimizes additional treatment times and goes a long way in achieving excellent anti-ageing results. August is an opportune time to address any wintertime damage to skin so that you have the beautiful complexion that you desire through all the coming seasons.

Two Treatments to Diarise this August 2019

SAI is offering these two treatments on special to clients this month:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy; PRP Therapy
  • Skin Boosters

How they work

PRP Therapy: PRP Therapy rejuvenates by initiating the body’s own internal cellular processes. Platelet Rich Plasma re-injected releases powerful growth factors that stimulate Collagen and boost skin elasticity; thus, improving skin texture and tone.

PRP Therapy can refresh your aesthetic with an anti-ageing result! The procedure is non-invasive, low risk (there is no risk of allergic reaction), and does not require any downtime. PRP Therapy is all-natural and contains no synthetic substances. An added bonus is that treatment can be done in one hour!

For more information on PRP Therapy:

Skin Boosters: Skin Boosters rehydrate skin by reinforcing moisture levels deep within the dermis and support the skin by strengthening its natural defences. They provide a massive dose of hydration alongside Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which then draws water molecules to itself. They promote proper cellular functioning within the skin matrix. Optimally moisturised skin has an improved texture. Wrinkles and fine lines are minimized and acne scars and enlarged pores may be reduced.

Skin Boosters are nourishing and allow additional active ingredients in homecare products to be absorbed more readily for best results. There are numerous Skin Booster formulations to suit different skin types and desired outcomes. Dr Clark will be able to assess the best Skin Booster for your aesthetic goals.

Most Skin Boosters do not require any downtime. The procedure can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.


Take your first step on the path to beautiful skin for Spring, Book an Appointment at Sandton Aesthetic Institute today.

While there is a myriad of ways to treat wrinkles, UV damage, skin conditions, or other visible ageing concerns – we at SAI believe that promoting holistic skin health is the best place to start. Healthy, well-functioning, correctly hydrated skin can heal faster, stand up to environmental stressors better, and retain its glow! While pampering treatments may be nice, go deeper this August to truly invest in your skin.

Maintaining and regulating skin health today equals obtaining the ultimate ‘x’ factor in anti-ageing tomorrow and in the years to come.


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