Pairing Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

| March 27, 2019

Many aesthetic treatments are “stand-alone” procedures that on their own generate fantastic outcomes. However, the medically-untrained client may not be aware that by selectively pairing complimentary treatments results can be further enhanced.

The Perfect Match

From good to great! Find the perfect pairing of Aesthetic Treatments to achieve fantastic results and reach your aesthetic goals sooner with less downtime or none at all. Combination treatments or procedure add-ons do not require a big budget. Even a simple addition can make a substantial difference.

Ask Dr Clark and his team to recommend treatment pairings for your individual objectives.

Intelligent Pairing

Combine and conquer, the following Aesthetic Treatments can be paired together to enhance results without blowing the budget. Below are samples of synergistic treatments in the same target zone. Place them together to multiply beauty benefits. Keep in mind that these are merely illustrations, the possibilities only expand from here.

Non-Surgical Facelift Address a sagging neck and refine jawline contours with Deep IR treatments. Add Thread Lift to address visible ageing on the face. Together this will deliver improved lift and better overall aesthetic results with little to no downtime required.

Beautiful Legs Eliminate unsightly or uncomfortable leg veins with Palomar Medical Technologies i.e. Laser Leg Vein Removal. Add a Proellixe Vibration package to boost circulation. Improved circulation will assist in preventing future leg veins from forming! It also carries the additional benefit of contributing positively to bone density.

Anti-Ageing Undergo a Chemical Peel to turn back time on fine lines and wrinkles and erase visible ageing on the face. Add Botulinum Toxin to combat more deeply visible lines; plus it will proactively work to prevent future wrinkles from developing.

Silhouette Shape Contour and reshape thighs, buttocks, and tummy with Velashape 3 treatment. Add Mesotherapy and target troublesome cellulite and stretch marks to enjoy smoother results.

Custom Combinations

The above aesthetic treatment pairings are simply suggestions and examples. Speak with SAI today to custom create your own combination package. Personalize what you pair to treat your exact needs.

SAI = Your Home for Beauty

Acclaimed Dr Clark is a skin and beauty expert. His carefully selected team of professionals can answer your questions, discuss options and make your aesthetic journey pleasant every step of the way.

Consult with Dr Clark and the SAI team to custom create your own personalized package treatment; from medical aesthetic procedures to online homecare products.

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