Packed & ready for the holidays!

| Nov 30, 2017

Packed & ready for the holidays!

We can’t help thinking about the beach, the sun & the summer relaxing around the pool.

This is the South African way. We love summer & better yet, our holidays coincide with the best time to be outdoors.

At SAI we tell all our clients about the importance of broad-spectrum sun protection & continually highlight how sun damage is one of the most influential factors inhibiting your anti-ageing ambitions. Treating sun damage is easy when SAI is open for business but during our holiday break we thought it best to provide you with two online shopping options to help maintain the skin you’ve been working on all year long.

We want to make sun protection as easy as possible… there is nothing worse than chores on holiday!

SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock

The skin on your face is sensitive, we all take great care not to include unnecessary chemicals & preservatives into our homecare regime as we know they could cause additional damage. We do not however always apply the same caution to sunblock.

Gone are the days when sunblock was only designed to protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The modern sunblock is formulated specifically for the face and will not only offer SPF protection but offer anti-ageing active ingredients too.

The SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock has been specifically formulated by Dr Clark at SAI to prevent sun damage by incorporating a broad-spectrum SPF 50 but also by only using naturally moisturizing active ingredients to maintain overall skin health without compromising other homecare product actives.

As a fast absorbing sun protection product, the SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock will protect your skin from developing sun related skin damage and will function as an addition to your daily homecare regime. As sun protection is a massive element to holistic anti-ageing treatment Dr Clark offers the SAI SPF 50 Facial Sunblock at an incredibly cost-effective price point.

Visit our online store now & see for yourself.


The full range of Heliocare products are available at SAI & SAI Online. The most convenient SPF product in their range is the Ultra Capsules. A daily supplement that protects the skin from UVA & UVB damage on cellular level. This is the ideal option for those who are worried they may forget daily application of sunblock.

Using the Ultra Capsules is no reason however to forget daily application of a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun block.

The Heliocare Gel Cream products are very high on our recommendation list, especially for patients concerned with tanning.

We all enjoy the bronzed skin of holidays but this sun exposure could be setting back your visible age by years. Heliocare Gel cream is available in Brown or Light and works as a base to give your skin a natural tanned appearance but with an SPF 50 included too.

There is a full range of Heliocare products to choose from. We beg you all to incorporate a laboratory formulated sunblock into your holiday regime. Heliocare offers products including oil-free formulations to SPF products for oily or sensitive skin. Explore them here.

Please remember that the SAI online store is also subject to opening & closing during the holiday break, you can find out more about these times here. Simply order online to get your hands on our Sunblock Options or alternatively make you appointment to discuss your skin’s needs before heading off. Call SAI Sandton today on 011 883 3116

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