Oxygenetix pay SAI a visit

| November 28, 2013

Oxygenetix works with Dr Clark in latest promotional video campaign

Dr Clark runs an internationally famous practice in SAI. Testament to this was the request of founder and formulator of Oxygenetix Mr Barry Knapp to use Dr Clark in his latest promotional video campaign.

Dr Clark demonstrates how effective Oxygenetix can be post a laser treatment, although Oxygenetix can be used effectively after any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment. This particular patient underwent a Palomar 1540 Nanometer, non-ablative fractional laser treatment for Melasma, and she left with no visible redness and returned to work immediately.

Oxygenetix is available at SAI and the trained therapists will help you decide which shades best suite your natural complexion. That way you can undergo any treatment from Laser to Botox, from Chemical Peels to Dermal Fillers and leave without anyone having a visual clue to the fact that you have had a treatment.

Watch the video!

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