Overlooked Aesthetic Treatments

| March 30, 2021

Proven Aesthetic Clinic Treatments that missed their 5 minutes of fame

Research in Aesthetic Medicine has resulted in an array of valued treatment options; backed by clinical trials but not always by the media spotlight. While Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxin and Chemical Peels tend to top the list of the most well-known and popular treatments; they do not remedy all skin indications and conditions. There are lesser-known Aesthetic Treatments that offer powerful results in their own right.

Overlooked Aesthetic Treatments

The more personalized the approach, the more specific the results! A full consideration of non-invasive, clinically tested, comparative treatments allows for a nuanced approach to correcting dermal conditions.

This is valuable for individuals who face more than one skin challenge or concern (which is the majority of us). These often-overlooked treatments provide excellent beauty benefits on their own and can enhance results when paired alongside other in-clinic treatments.

3 Treatments that Deserve more Fanfare

Here are the top three, which Dr Clark believes deserve consideration and a closer look.

Proellixe Vibration

Established technology delivering medically proven results; Proellixe Vibration employs rapid vibrations to engage muscle resistance in response. Its aesthetic rewards are impressive. These include increased circulation and improved bone density. Correspondingly so, cellular function is aided, better blood flow assists in biological purification processes for clearer skin, muscle tone is firmed, cellulite is decreased, and energy is boosted. The experience of Proellixe Vibration is comfortable, pain-free, and individuals often report that it is relaxing too! For more, read here.


Precise application of diamond-tipped mechanical exfoliation allows for removal of specific concerns and satisfying Skin Resurfacing results. This direct-action skin therapy is highly effective for the removal of worrying sunspots, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, and scars. Ideal for achieving a clear complexion and for last-minute touch ups before a special occasion or professional photo shoot. Microdermabrasion creates results you love but remains remarkably gentle. Find out more about the procedure and who stands to benefit most from it here.

MesoGlow Facial

A complete solution to reviving a complexion to enliven its glow! A MesoGlow Facial is a powerful treatment supplying skin with benefits inside and out. This professional facial contributes to healthy cellular turnover while giving skin penetrating hydration to renew moisture levels within layers. A personalized selection of skin nourishing vitamins is then delivered to feed and boost cellular processes to maintain better-than-ever smooth and radiant skin. This therapy simultaneously stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin for better skin texture quality in the future. Ideal for use in recovery from harsh seasonal elements. Enjoy superb results, see more here.

Fully Considered Aesthetics

Achieving one’s aesthetic goals entails a comprehensive approach to results-based Aesthetic procedures and cosmeceutical homecare. SAI Aestheticians provide dermal analysis and thus determine appropriate treatment & homecare selection.

We encourage questions and take pride in assisting you determine the way forward which suits your desires, budget, and priorities. Correctly chosen procedures and products will directly resolve individualized skin concerns and serve as anti-ageing agents. Addressing your skin with SAI’s help means better results.

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