Oral supplements in Anti-Ageing

| Aug 29, 2019

More than what you see!

Beauty comes from within & new meanings exist in this old adage as medical science now recognizes the role of internal cellular health and functioning in fighting the natural ageing process by creating strong and resilient dermal structures.

The skin is the bodies largest organ; it needs care to maintain itself and look its best. A holistic dynamic approach can ensure that the body has what is required to combat the environmental and lifestyle stressors that cause, affect and often accelerate visible ageing.

Easy to Swallow

Working from the inside-out adds a new and effective strategy to support and assist biological processes that affect how we feel and our appearance. Supplementing our bodies with nutritional support can help mitigate premature signs of ageing.

Oral Supplements are a simple yet powerful addition to our beauty routine and can facilitate greater health which is showcased by the skin.

Better Together

Oral Supplements will work independently of aesthetic treatments; this means that they can be taken on their own with good effect. However, when oral supplements are combined with considered and appropriate anti-ageing aesthetic treatments – their benefits have an opportunity to be exponentially magnified. Enhanced cellular functioning facilitates recovery and the natural Healing Cascade to be working at its most efficient.

Let’s look at how to combine oral supplements with established aesthetic treatments for increased effectiveness and superior results:

3 Beneficial Combination Treatments Examples

Here are three examples of often expressed aesthetic priorities, the oral supplements designed to address them, and which aesthetic treatments can be paired alongside for maximum effect.

Prevent Photoageing

Supplement: Heliocare  is an oral supplement that deploys ingredients found in nature to prevent sun damage – the leading cause in developing signes of ageing. It incorporates patented Fernblock PLE technology to counteract free radicals. Free radicals damage skin structure; they cause declining cellular function and thus accelerate the appearance of visible ageing. Heliocare delivers powerful anti-oxidants to boost the skin’s ability to defend itself and maintain optimal internal processes. By aiding its capacity to fight free-radicals it supports skin and protects it. Heliocare offers a strengthened defence that is visible!

Treatment: Dermapen & Chemical Peel treatments are great treatment choices that turn back time by treating existing visible photoageing by removing damaged cellular structures, boosting cellular turnover and resetting the skin for better care moving forward.

Improve Skin Quality

Supplement: The vital role of Collagen within dermal structures has been firmly established. It is world famous for increasing joint mobility and strength! SAI Pure Collagen Renew is an oral supplement that provides this critical component for skin, joint and bone health directly. Supplementing Collagen can increase your skin’s firmness and improve its texture. SAI’s Collagen Supplement is uniquely superior in that it contains no sugar & it is Halal!

Treatments: With better skin quality via collagen induction, aesthetic treatments have a better foundation and scaffold to work with & within, thus producing better results. Skin Boosters, Dermal Fillers, and Botulinum Toxin are all non-surgical aesthetic treatments that address specific ageing concerns and target precise areas that need direct assistance. Use these treatments with discretion to eliminate deep furrows or address symmetry concerns. Zoom in on a niggling aesthetic feature and combine your treatment with collagen supplementation to achieve and enhance your full-body aesthetic.

Even Skin Tone & Brighten Complexion

Supplement: Opalesce Capsules are a convenient option to create smooth, even-toned and bright skin. They contain colourless carotenoids that reduce melanin within skin cells. In addition, Opalesce’s proprietary formula contains the aminio-acid L-Cysteine; which is a powerful precursor to Glutathione production. Glutathione slows and inhibits melanin production while serving as a powerful antioxidant that offers a host of healthful benefits.

Treatment: IV Drip treatment is an excellent way to boost Skin Hydration and address pigmentation irregularities from the inside out. While L-Cysteine supplies the building blocks for Glutathione, IV Drip treatment gives your body a big dose of Glutathione directly. To enhance health and energy requirements additional minerals and vitamins can be included in the formula.

Velashape 3 is another option for a combination treatment – to take full advantage of the positive impact that Collagen Supplementation often has on weight and mobility. Velashape is a non-invasive approach to attaining the body shape and contour that you desire without the risks & expense often incurred by surgery.

Feel brighter and lighter with Opalesce oral supplementation paired with IV Drip treatmentOn Special at SAI for September 2019.

Full Spectrum Approach to Beauty Treatments

Contact us today to discover what’s possible with oral supplements in conjunction with non-surgical procedures as part of a pro-active long-term anti-ageing treatment strategy.

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