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| Apr 26, 2017

Supplements to improve your SPF protection

The advancements in anti-ageing supplements is pushing the boundaries of how we approach aesthetic medicine.

This evolution extends to SPF & sunblock, and given the damaging effects of the sun’s rays – it makes perfect sense to introduce daily supplements that decreases the risk of sun damage & visible age, not to mention preventing skin cancer.

At SAI we have two products that will improve your daily skin protection against both UVA & AVB rays.

Heliocare daily supplements – designed as a single daily tablet to protect your skin from oxidative effects of free radicals & provide your skin all the necessary nutrients for a healthy & elastic skin, Heliocare is also known to help protect your skin on a cellular level from sun damage.

By offering your skin cells the ability to resist UVA & UVB damage you ultimately protect your skin from sun-induced premature ageing.

Crystal Tomato daily supplements

A single daily tablet is all you need to brighten & lighten your skin for an even complexion.

We are finding massive success with Crystal Tomato for those suffering with pigmentation issues but the process of action that inhibits melanin production in the skin also helps protect the skin from sun damage. As a daily supplement you get a double benefit from incorporating Crystal Tomato in your beauty regime, and if you read our Winter Sun article you may want to consider starting today.

Crystal Tomato Supplement

Contact us for advice

It is easy as buying online via our SAI online store here if you are looking for a cellular boost towards youthful skin & sun protection. You can of course phone our offices for extra information or request more info via our Facebook page. For all other treatments simply book your appointment at SAI by calling 011 883 3116.

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