Optimise Cellular Function post PRP Therapy

| November 8, 2018

PRP is a great natural treatment to rejuvenate skin that is showing unwanted signs of visible ageing or that simply needs a refreshing boost. While a single treatment of PRP can provide impressive anti-ageing results, they can be maximized further.

Supplementing Aesthetic procedures with doctor-recommended, scientifically formulated homecare products can facilitate skin barrier function recovery, enhance results, and contribute significantly to maintaining skin health.

While it is true that PRP Therapy does not require significant or scheduled downtime afterwards – this convenience does not mean that the skin doesn’t benefit from some extra investment and TLC afterwards. Carefully considered homecare products target skin needs specifically to support internal processes, rebuilding, and optimise cellular function post-treatment.

Post- PRP Therapy

Following PRP treatment the skin surface barrier is compromised. The Stratum Corneum, i.e. the top layer of the Epidermis is the biggest shield the skin has against environmental factors. Eliminating post-treatment chinks in this skin barrier ensures that the skin is not defenceless.

While the Platelet Rich Plasma goes to work stimulating the deeper layers of skin renewal, it is essential to protect and re-establish the upper skin layers. To learn more about PRP Therapy on a cellular level, simply click here.

How to Ensure Protection

Safeguard your skin by delivering vital dermal nutrients and maintaining required moisture levels. These two important functions can be achieved with the right aftercare products.

Supporting skin can ensure that internal resources go directly towards building new and improved tissue structures. Increasing cellular efficiency and results in firm, even skin that is revitalized from the inside out.

Selecting hydrating formulas is especially critical. Correctly retained moisture levels supply a healthy glowing appearance to skin. Proper hydration is truly the foundation of youthful skin.

Nourish so your skin can flourish

Supported and nourished skin can function optimally. The right homecare can provide these benefits:

  • Eliminate Inflammation
  • Restore and Retain Skin Hydration
  • Stimulate Key Cellular Processes
  • Accelerate the Healing Cascade
  • Promote Skin Healing
  • Improve Results

Compliment your PRP Procedure with Day Repair Cream

Active ingredient Pro-Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is a skin warrior. It fights inflammation, irritation, and itchiness. It softens the skin surface and repairs damaged epithelium tissue and cells. SAI Day Repair Cream is doctor-formulated homecare which is easy to absorb and makes skin silky smooth. Apply this crème daily after a PRP treatment to repair skin and seal in moisture.

SAI Hydrating Day Repair Cream

Compliment your PRP Procedure with Night Repair Cream

Active ingredients Ceramide & Omegas 3, 6 & 9 are vital when deep powerful hydration is required. Ceramides and Omega oils are critical fat molecules / lipids that make up the outer dermal layer of tissue. Increasing these rebuilds skin structures and ensures proper skin function. These essential skin nutrients decrease the skin’s inflammatory response and offer powerful protection. Apply this SAI Night Repair Cream each evening post- PRP treatment to deliver skin support that will sustain excellent aesthetic results.

SAI Intense Night Repair Cream

PRP Therapy Treatments are on Special this November, to learn more simply click here.


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