Nutrition for a better skin

| Jan 21, 2013

Beauty from within….

The skin is a window to your internal health and can be a key indicator for illness or malnutrition. Wrinkles, acne, oily skin or dry skin can all be caused by unhealthy eating or avoiding skin healthy nutrients.

So it would seem that the next evolution in skin ageing is improving your body’s nutrition, and that is just what we are doing at SAI.

Recent studies

More and more studies are being performed to find how nutritional factors play a role in skin ageing. The idea is that we can influence our skin ageing by controlling environmental factors like food supplements. By increasing or decreasing supplements that hasten wrinkle appearance or increase supplements that can lessen the likelihood of dry skin studies have revealed that certain food sources can play an influential role in skin ageing.

An interesting point to be noted is that the nutrition and skin ageing associations are independent of age, race, sun exposure, body mass index, and physical activity.

Taking nutrition and skin ageing to the next level

Helena is available on for any health and nutrition related queries

So we know that at SAI we can actively treat genetic and chronologic ageing with Botox, Dermal Fillers, Lasers and Chemical Peels but the partnership with Execucareand Helena the dietician is allowing us to use nutrition to fight skin ageing.

We at SAI are completing the circle.

As we age our skin loses collagen and elastin, causing the skin to sag. So too our metabolism slows and with that the ability for new skin growth. By combining preventative aesthetic medicine and correct nutrition we can effectively now also control metabolic ageing.

A study reported by the National Institute of Health showed that older people with sun-exposed skin had a difference in visible wrinkles, based upon the food they ate. The study found that individuals with a diet high in vegetables, legumes and olive oil appeared to have a protective effect.

Based upon research and studies, we at SAI believe that elements that keep wrinkles at bay include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and minerals zinc and selenium . These vitamins and minerals reduce the amount of potentially damaging free radicals and help protect the skin from aging due to solar UV exposure.

Free Radicals are harmful to the skin, as they are created during normal metabolic functions or environmental conditions. Excess free radicals can be produced by too much sun, smoking, pollution and stress and the damage to the skin is visible in the form of ageing and wrinkles.

It’s not that easy though

We wish it was, but unfortunately some people do not respond as well to some nutritional additives as others. Some supplements in fact could interfere with your metabolism and negatively affect the anti-ageing process altogether. At Execucare and SAI we base our recommendations upon genetic screening, and with Helena we will be able to accurately define a nutritional guideline that will suite your ageing skin without compromising your body weight, internal health or your wallet.


Lifestyle and nutrition changes can make the world of difference to your skin health and your visible age. For complete control make an appointment with the SAI dietician Helena, she will guide you through the Execucare process and also give you access to the world of SAI and treatment that can turn back or reverse the skin damage already done.

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